Interior Shopping in Oslo


Norwegians are home loving people. They are redecorating their homes for billions every year. Interior shops are therefore flourishing in the Norwegian capital. Here are our selected few.

Hay House
Josefinegt. 23, 0351 Oslo

Hay is owned by Rolf Hay and the Danish clothing company Bestseller. The company was established in 2003, and it soon became an ambassador for contemporary Danish furniture design. The company has two shops in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus. The shop in Oslo is a pleasant combination of gallery and outlet.

Ruth 66
Torshovgt. 3, 0476 Oslo

Ruth 66 is a different kind of shop, shouting out, «Welcome home to me!» Here you’ll find a combination of old and new items, however, emphasize is on retro.

Tante Guri (Aunt Guri)
Sonsgt. 7, 0654 Oslo

Experience Tante Guri at the Kampen area in Oslo. In this designer collective you’ll find a mixture of photo art, fashion clothes, funriture, lamps and much more.

Hole Design
Drammensvn. 130, 0277 Oslo

Materiality, playfulness and craftsmanship are the core values at Hole Design. The craftsmanship is expressed in the products made by Norwegian manufacturers, with a passion for furniture and a high knowledge about the materials. You may experience some of the furniture classics “live” side by side with inspiring art. The playfulness is shown through the unexpected and contrasting elements in the products.

Feature image (on top) Hole Design, shelving systems

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