International Interest in Denmark’s Longest Roller Coaster


When Djurs Sommerland opened one of the largest new rides ever in Denmark last spring, interest came from more than just playful Danish children. International media such as L.A. Times and CNN reported about Denmark’s longest roller coaster, Juvelen (The Jewel), and the first in the queue was a bevy of roller coaster enthusiasts from foreign organizations who had travelled all the way to Scandinavia’s largest summer land to try the first ride on Juvelen. 


Although amusement parks around the world offer both large and wild roller coasters, Denmark is also capable of marking itself on the world map of spectacular rides.

Djurs Sommerland’s opening of Denmark’s largest roller coaster and Europe’s only double launch coaster, did not go unnoticed outside of the country’s borders. At the same time, with a price tag of 70 million kroner, it is one the largest ever investments in a Danish amusement park.

The American L.A. Times reported on Juvelen, and CNN broadcasted a list of the world’s most exciting roller coaster news, including Juvelen. For some dedicated roller coaster enthusiasts with thousands of roller coasters under their belts, the opening was a very special day.

“Our visitors included members of Themepark Review and World of Coaster. At the same time Denmark’s only roller coaster club, Coaster Club Denmark, reported on its arrival. These people are true devotees, who travel around the world to try the largest, the best and the wildest roller coasters, so naturally their visit is a seal of approval for Juvelen,” said Henrik B. Nielsen, managing director of Djurs Sommerland.


Thematization at an international level

In addition to Juvelen’s length in kilometers, it is the roller coaster’s special design and thematization that draws interest from abroad. The new ride is Europe’s only “double launch” coaster, where guests are twice accelerated to speeds of up to 85 kilometers an hour. At the same time the ride takes place in a crimson ATV carriage, and the entire roller coaster is built into a comprehensive thematization.

“We deliberately try to give our guests more than just a roller coaster, which you can experience in the best amusement parks around the world. We therefore constructed a spectacular Mayan universe around Juvelen with a 10 meter high pyramid, large rock formations, over 100 trees and a lake large enough to give them the experience of running in hot pursuit through the jungle on a hunt for the stolen jewel. We have already had a fantastically good response,” said Henrik B. Nielsen.

Juvelen is a roller coaster for playful children of all ages, and the minimum height requirement is 120 centimetres.