Jotunheimen seen from above


The new book from photographer Lasse Tur is an impressing work, consisting of landscape shots taken from above. It contains a foreword by mountain guide Kjell Nyøygard, which you may read here.

Jotunheimen (the home of mountain trolls)…it is the powerful rustle of both the name and of the landscape. In the towering and variable mountain area in the middle of Southern Norway we find deep and lush valleys. The highest peaks in Norway, the light of snow and ice in many colors, the blueness of rivers, waterfalls, lakes.

You may buy the book here. 190514_Lasse_Tur_Book_Jotunheimen_seen_from_above

The reindeer roam this neighborhood along their ancient passages and willow grouse are watching you from both high and low. Mountain trout feels good here as well. And the flowers. Even on the most barren hillsides.

You will also find many mountain lodges in Jotunheimen, which proves the popularity of the place among tourists and nature lovers. Many of them were mainly mountain pastures, but when mountain tourism reached the area at the end of the 19th century, there was a quick need for overnight accommodation. Between these mountain lodges, safe and good paths have been built over the years, marked with permanent red signs.

190514_Kjell_NyoygardWhen Lasse contacted me early summer 2013 and asked me if I would like to be involved in his Jotunheimen project, I did not need much time to think. I did not know Lasse, I had never met him. I had, however, seen many of his stunning photographs, so I knew that he was an excellent photographer. We both have worked on our passions since the end of the 1280s, Lasse as an aero photographer and I as a mountain guide. In addition Jotunheimen is my home place. The response was “Yes!”

In this book you will see known and beloved regions of this fantastic high altitude mountain area. You will see places you may have seen before and places you have always dreamed of experiencing.

All photos are shot with Nikon D3, D700, D4, and D800E cameras. 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 200-400mm lenses have been used. The date of shooting and simple Facebook comments have been added to the photos.

Enjoy the book! You have never seen Jotunheimen like this before.

If you want to experience Jotunheimen you may contact Kjell Nyoygard personally at