“King of the Web” Is From Sweden


If you say «Felix Kjellberg» most people would say: Who? However, if you say “Pewdiepie” a lot of teenagers would scream: Where?

Felix Kjellberg’s video game commentary channel has earned more than 35 million subscribers and has become the world’s biggest You Tube channel, bigger than Smosh, Hola Soy German, Rihanna and Jenna Marbles.

His internet show, Let’s Play, focuses on horror and action video games. Felix started his You Tube channel in 2009. At that time he called himself “Pewdie”; “Pew” after the sound of shooting down a laser weapon and “die” as the result of the shooting. Once he forgot the log in code to his account and had to make a new one, and so he added “pie” as in “cutiepie”. In the beginning he was gaming “Minecraft” but didn’t dare to comment anything.

In 2014, however, he was voted Most Popular Gaming Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards.

“I still remember when I had 23 subscribers,” he says, “and I thought: Yes! If I have one new subscriber every day, I am happy. One day I had three new subscribers and I thought, Hell Yah! But it was too slow, I wanted more.”

Before he dropped out of Chalmers University of Technology to pursue a career as an internet personality he used his internet popularity to raise funds for such charities as the World Wildlife Foundation and St. Jude Children Research Hospital.

When he was reviewing horror games like “Amnesia” he had switched on his microphone and his horror screams echoed on the internet. Kjellberg had found a niche, which enticed viewers, a world in which he could let his creativity flow.

In 2011 he began a relationship with Marzia Bisogin and later moved to Italy to share a home with her. The couple shares two pugs.

“I studied economy,” says Felix, “but the only reason was that I had high marks, not really because I wanted. My dream was to make films for YouTube. I don’t know what I thought when I dropped out of Chalmers, but I felt relieved.”

He won a Most Popular Social Show web personality award that fellow internet star Jenna Marbles also was nominated for.

When he received the prize “King of the Web” he donated the money to WWF and a tiger project. He invites regularly children from the project Min Stora Dag (My Great Day).

When he had reached ten million followers in 2013, he participated in a promotion together with the organization Charity Water, which supplies water to people in developing countries. He collected 2.8 million Norwegian kroner (210,000 USD), of which 11,000 was given by Kjellberg.

“The difference between me and a celebrity actor is that I have fans, who really care and listen to me.  I have many young viewers, and it feels good to teach them how to support others.”

In 2015 he announced that he’d be publishing a self-help book, Family Life.

Felix Kjellberg
Born 1889 in Guthenborg, Sweden
Known as “Pewdiepie
More than 28 million subscribers on YouTube
Lives with Marzia Biscogning, aka “Cutiepie”
Lives in Brighton, England
Studied economy at Chalmars University of Technology
Awarded “Most Popular Social Show”, “Sweden Social Star Award”, #Gaming” and “King of the Web” (2012)

“King of the Web” Is From Sweden, written by Tor Kjolberg