King’s New Square in Copenhagen


Located in the heart of the capital, in the last section of Strøget, from the Crane Fountain to Kongens Nytorv, you find the home of the exclusive and expensive: fashion shops, furriers and jewellers.

Now, the name of the square is highly appropriate, since it for several years have been affected by the construction of a nearby metro station. Again, it is one of the loveliest places you could visit in Copenhagen.

King’s New Square in Copenhagen
The construction of a nearby metro station is soon to be ended at Kongens Nytorv

With its history starting as early as the mid-17th century, the square features many architecturally beautiful and interesting houses along its main area paved by cobblestone.

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King’s New Square in Copenhagen
Hotel d’Angleterre at Kongens Nytorv

At the end of Strøget, facing the square, stands the grand old hotel of the city, Hotel D’Angeleterre. The majestic building dominating the square are the Royal Theatre.

King’s New Square in Copenhagen
The statue of the popular King Christian V at Kongens Nytorv

The square also showcases the oldest equestrian statue, which is at the same time also the oldest sculpture if a royal in the whole od Scandinavia. The statue, made in 1688, showed the popular king Christian V, dressed in the garment that victorious generals wore for celebration in ancient Rome, riding a horse.

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King’s New Square in Copenhagen
Charlottenborg Palace at Kongens Nytorv

The majestic buildings dominating the square are the Royal Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater) – the national stage for ballet, opera and drama. The present building was designed in the 1870s, taking the Paris Opera Garnier as its idea.

King’s New Square in Copenhagen
Royal Danish Theatre at Kongens Nytorv

Next door is Charlottenborg, since 1754 the home of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where painters, sculptors and architects receive their formal training.

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King’s New Square in Copenhagen
Ice skaters at Kongens Nytorv

During the winter season, a large ice-skating rink springs up on the square. Skate rental is available and skating there is for free. In summer, there is a flea market every Saturday, approximately from 10 am to 5 pm.

King’s New Square in Copenhagen, written by Tor Kjolberg

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