Knit Nordic


Are you a fan of traditional Nordic knitting patterns (Sarah Lund’s jumper in The Killing, anyone?), but don’t have the time to create big projects like full-sized Fair Isle sweaters? Then Knit Nordic is the perfect book for you! BSPC

Taking inspiration from four classic Nordic designs, Eline Oftedal’s new book Knit Nordic is packed with 20 contemporary projects to bring these patterns up-to-date. Makes include iPad and iPhone covers, a knitted teddy bear, a stylish cushion cover, cosy slippers and even a pair of hotpants. Utmerket! (That means excellent in Norwegian btw).

Traditional Nordic patterns can be seen everywhere, from the catwalk to the high street. In this book from new knit designer Eline Oftedal, four iconic Norwegian knitting patterns – Marius, Voss, Setesdal and Fana – are given new shapes and forms. The book includes stories about the inspiration and traditions behind each of the patterns, charting their origins and exploring what it is about these patterns that appeals to knitters all over the world. We are used to seeing these patterns on sweaters, but here is a collection of twenty contemporary projects to bring these iconic designs up to date. Projects include iPad and phone cover, a teddy bear, a toilet roll holder and even a pair of hotpants. 241013_nordic_knitting-Teddy

“Eline Oftedal is one of my favorite designers, as well as being one of the nicest knitters you could ever meet. Do you remember her Lava cowl or Nordic Star socks in The Knitter? Now Eline has brought out her own book, called Knit Nordic, which takes four of the traditional sweater patterns of Norway and reimagines them into a range of stylish accessories,” says Juliet in her blog the Knitter.

“You can see that I have knitted the iPhone cover here, which takes no time at all and doesn’t need any sewing up – bonus. In the book Eline gives us the history of the four patterns she was inspired by: ‘Marius’ with its characteristic cross and use of red white and blue, ‘Setesdal’ – again with a cross but this time peppered with lice stitch, ‘Fana’ and its beautiful snowflake motif, and ‘Voss’ with its characteristic squares. 241013_nordic-knitting-book

“I can’t wait to try out the wrist warmers and the most chic toilet roll cover I’ve ever seen,” she concludes.


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