Labor Shortage in Denmark

Labor Shortage in Denmark

According to SIRI, the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, Denmark is currently looking for skilled workers in different professional fields. The job titles for skilled workers required in Denmark are based on professional fields. Learn more about labor shortage in Denmark.

If you’ve wanted to move to Scandinavia, there’s never been a better time. Labor shortages across the Nordics are making it easier to snap up a job as a non-EU worker.

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Labor Shortage in Denmark
The Positive List for people with a Higher Education includes a total of 45 job titles.

New rules are part of the amendments made to the Danish Aliens Act, which were agreed upon by parliament on March 23rd and came into effect on April 1st.

The Positive List for people with a Higher Education includes a total of 45 job titles, whereas the Positive List for Skilled Workers includes 46 titles.

In addition, more jobs will be open to foreigners, and foreign students studying in Denmark will receive an extended job search period after completing their degree.

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SIRI has already published an overview of the job titles on the positive lists for highly educated and skilled workers.

By lowering minimum salary requirements, expanding its work permit fast-track scheme, and opening up more jobs to foreigners, the Scandinavian nation is making it easier for companies to hire non-EU workers.

Labor Shortage in Denmark
More jobs will be open to foreigners.

Furthermore, Denmark is expanding its start-up scheme to include not only entrepreneurs who want to establish a new business in Denmark but also those who own a business outside of Denmark and want to open a branch in the country.

Labor Shortage in Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg