Land Rover Safari in Denmark


Denmark is a small country but with a wide selection of attractions and things-to-do. Why not experience a Land Rover safari among the many African animals living on the savannah in the Ree Park in Djursland on the peninsula if Jutland?

Ree park is the home of more than 800 animals of 80 species from 5 different continents. The popular tourist attraction offers its guests a comprehensive insight in the life and behavior of animals from Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.

The Ebeltoft Safari is a special day out, close to the animal kingdom. In the park’s outstanding landscape, the animals coexist on almost their own terms without caging or high fences bit with lots of space in which to roam. There are open savannahs and expansive prairies, making you feel that you are in Africa, North America or Asia.

Continue the day with an entertaining bird show where the big birds fly right over your head. The animals will get even closer at feeding time. Here you will see Denmark’s only cheetahs chase their lunch or watch the many monkeys gather around for food.

Karsten Ree
Karsten Ree

The zoo was founded in 1991 by Frans Kilde Hansen and was named Ebeltoft Dyrepark. In 1993 the park  was sold to Lars Thye and the name was changed to Ebeltoft Zoo. In 1998 Merete and Henrik Elsass bought the zoo and changed the name to Ebeltoft Zoo & Safari. In 2006 Karsten Ree bought the zoo and gave it the park’s present name.

Today you can experience the spotted cheetahs, the dangerous wild dogs, the big black bears, the arctic wolves, the impressive vultures and eagles, the mighty American bison, the cheeky skunks, the hot-tempered zebra, a curious ostrich – plus more than 100 different species from five continents.

Children warching lemures at Ree Park
Children warching lemures at Ree Park

Children will love a ride on one of the park’s big camels, and the playground is the opportunity for kids to burn off some extra energy, under the supervision of the striped Sumatra tigers, living next door. You can also get up close and touch the animals on the farm, play with the chickens, Swedish mini-pigs, goats and donkeys or watch the lemurs.

Welfare of wild animals in captivity is a key value in the vision of the park. This is why all the different species of the park live in surroundings tailored to meet their special needs and instinctive behavior.

Land Rover Safari in Denmark, compiled by Tor Kjolberg