Largest Climbing Park in Scandinavia


Do you fancy climbing in the trees on a 382 meters (418 yards) zip-line built into the beautiful natural terrain of Larvik, just a 90 minutes car ride from Oslo, the capital of Norway? At H&L Climbing Park (High & Low), you’re offered various types of trails with varying lengths and difficulties.

“I was reading a report on the travel industry and realized that Europeans wanted more vacation experiences,” says Hans Christian Wilson, founder of Høyt & Lavt. “I have two kids and was fed up visiting amusement parks with junk food, queuing and passive activities. I wanted to give my children values connected to outdoor activities we could do together,” he adds.

His company was founded in 2009, and now he has seven H&L Parks in Norway, two in Russia and one in Finland, all with challenges of various degrees and for all ages.

The climbing park in Vestfold is situated in beautiful surroundings in Svarstad, Lardal in the river valley Lågendalen, close to the town of Larvik and other towns in the county.

The visitors are offered compulsory training before they continue to the color-coded trails, where they can experience an exciting world from high in the treetops. The courses have a start and an end, with many of them beginning in the main tower. In total there are 14 courses, 200 obstacles and 1900 meters (1.2 miles) of zip lines.

The activities may be tailored to you or your friends and family members. For a real adrenaline rush, why not jump from the 30 meters Sky Fall? However, the climbing park for the youngest children is only 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground.

Admission to the climbing park is free, but there’s a fee for activities.

Largest Climbing Park in Scandinavia, written by Tor Kjolberg