A Living Swedish Football Legend

A Swedish Football Hero

Swedish football hero, forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is now honored and immortalized on a 1,000 kroner note, featuring his face. However, the note is simply an artistic design and cannot be used to purchase anything.

But when the Swedish top scorer in fact will be immortalized in a statue outside the national stadium, he has certainly attained a living legend status in Sweden.

A Swedish Football Hero
Zlatan-Ibrahimovic will be immortalized in a statue outside the national stadium

The 1,000 kroner note, designed by Swedish artist and photographer Bingo Rimer, has Zlatan’s face is plastered over Swedish currency artwork, and Zlatan now compares himself to Benjamin Franklin.

A Swedish Football Hero
Zlatan Ibrahimovic now compares himself to Benjamin Franklin

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A Swedish Football Hero
Zlatan portrait

The former Manchester United, Barcelona and Juventus striker posed for Rimer with a blown up version of the note. The image was published on Instagram with the caption, “’You have Benjamin Franklin and you have me”. Unbelievably, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s ego seems to have been inflated even more than it already is.

A 1,000 kroner note is Sweden’s largest denomination available, so Ibrahimovic will without doubt be pleased by the symbolism, as he is a man known to have compared himself to God.

A Swedish Football Hero
The former Manchester United, Barcelona and Juventus striker

Although his fans and Zlatan himself will be disappointed that they cannot by anything with the 1,000 kroner note, they should not forget that five special official stamps of the forward in the yellow of the national team were released in 2014.

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However, the 35-year-old Zlatan is currently a free agent, after Manchester United decided not to renew his one year contract. But United boss Mourinho has said that a move to get the striker back at the club is in the pipeline. Zlatan is likely to ask for a wage of a lot more than 1,000 kroner a week.

A Living Swedish Football Legend, written by Tor Kjolberg


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