In Love With a Norwegian Furniture Maker

In love with a Norwegian furniture maker

I’ve been in love with infant and child products from the Norwegian-based Stokke for a long time,” says Shana Omanson.

“In fact, I was drooling over Stokke nearly 11 years ago before my first child was born. My love affair with their sleek designs continued, but as a college student myself and later the wife of a graduate student, we had trouble swallowing the price tag that came with the products my Norwegian husband, Ole, and I lusted after.”

But now, with a two-year old son, they recently found the Stokke Sleepi Junior.

Shana explains why they’re in love with the Stokke Sleepi and Junior Conversion Kit.

1. Solid construction. The first thing we noticed while setting up the bed was how solid the unit was as a whole. In four kids, we’ve been through two different toddler beds, and the one my four-year-old is transitioning out of at the moment was not sturdy enough to make it through another child. The Stokke Sleepi is completely reinforced with metal and wood construction and is so sturdy that even my husband can sit on the bed without the slightest bit of give.

151214-Stokke-Sleepi2. Convertible. We’ve used a variety of sleeping areas moving through four kids depending on which home we were living in and what the room situation was including a bassinet, a Moses’ basket, multiple cribs and toddler beds, eventually graduating to twin beds. The Stokke Sleepi functions as a bassinet, crib, toddler bed up to age 10 and as two side chairs after the child has completely outgrown the bed functionality.

3. Size. As a basinet, the Stokke Sleepi is small and compact, perfect for that newborn baby. With the wheels on, the bed is just under 34 inches high, which makes for easy access to your child, even for someone like me. At 5’2″, I often have trouble reaching into standard cribs, but the Stokke is a great height for me to reach my child comfortably.

Converted to the Junior model, the bed is about 67 inches long, which means even my 11-year-old can sleep in it. It’s also large enough for both my husband (at 6’4″) and myself to get in to read a bedtime story with our son. Plus, it’s the perfect height for my two-year-old to climb in and out of, where a twin bed would be quite tall for him to manage, especially with our wood floors underneath should he slip and fall.

There are, however, downfalls:
1. High price tag
2. Odd size. Because the bed is oval-shaped, you’ll have to buy sheets specifically made for the Stokke.
“I have seen some patterns if you’d like to make your own, as well. This isn’t a huge deterrent for me, however, as you run into the same issue if you buy a crib or toddler bed from Ikea,” says Shana and adds, “Overall, we’ve been completely thrilled with the Stokke Sleepi Junior unit, as have the rest of the kids. Magnus now has the coolest bed in the house, and Kjell, Lene and Kiera are all jealous. I’d suggest purchasing it from the outset and using it as a bassinet, crib, toddler bed and then as chairs. In fact, I’m already planning for the reading nook they’ll have once the Junior bed transforms into chairs.”

The Norwegian furniture maker, Stokke, is probably most known for its Tripp-Trapp high chair.

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