How I found Daily Scandinavian (And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly)

Doris beling red cabin

 As a person who cannot travel without not knowing a lot of information about the people, culture, and the underrated spots for destination places, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of travel blogs and magazines. I have been travelling for so many years now that I can guarantee you how it is always worth it if you have done your research beforehand.  Here’s my story of how I found Daily Scandinavian (and my love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly).        

When you reach your destination after having done your properly research, it would be easy for you to communicate with the local people there, as you would be a person with some of the local knowledge about their culture and values. A small gesture like this can even become the reason for you having wholesome connections.

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Watching travel blogs
Normally people like visiting countries like the United States of America (USA), France, and United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc, for traveling purposes. However, I find places like Nordic countries and Scandinavian countries peaceful, yet I have not visited any Scandinavian country due to the ongoing pandemic.

Personally, I was used to watching all the travel blogs about these places, and my friend, who is a history nerd, always read travel magazines. It was astonishing how much knowledge my friend was getting merely from just a magazine about the most basic things to the most fascinating details about all their landscapes and monuments.

How I found Daily Scandinavian [And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly]
Scandinavian monthly
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Scandinavian monthly
When I was planning a trip to Sweden with my friend, upon asking which hotels to choose and what we should do first on the trip, she gave me a whole list of hotels with proper reviews and told me the latest traveling restrictions and updates. When I asked her how she knew all of this, she gave me a magazine, “Scandinavian monthly.” She told me this is a know-it-all magazine for any person interested in any perspective of Scandinavian countries. At first, I thought that this magazine would be like the other basic travel magazines. However, I was proved wrong when I read the magazine and realized how great they had covered aspects from providing advice on best hotels to the history of astonishing landscapes in Scandinavian countries. They have even included details about Scandinavian art, which is inspiring. Not every travel magazine includes such thoroughly well-explained articles on so many different topics.

Daily Scandinavian
Personally, I loved this magazine because I am a big fan of Scandinavian countries and like to keep up with their latest trends and policies. This was definitely the best magazine for a person like me, as I can know everything about all the Scandinavian countries in only one magazine.

How I found Daily Scandinavian [And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly]
My friend told me this is a know-it-all magazine for any person interested in any perspective of Scandinavian countries.
Daily Scandinavian understood the assignment by making it with a neat and modern look to make it easy to read while being pleasing to the eyes considering everything is digital nowadays. I also got to know that “Daily Scandinavian” is going to launch “Scandinavian monthly” and it will include its own section of selected Scandinavian web-shops, selling everything from accommodation to food and art. This monthly magazine would be a great solution for people with busy routines to just know all the monthly highlights through one magazine. I, along with my friend, instantly subscribed to this, and so can the one reading this as everyone is welcome to subscribe free and receive their 100+ pages ebook  “Discover Scandinavia” as a thank you subscription gift.


How I found Daily Scandinavian [And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly]
Richard Foster
How I found Daily Scandinavian [And My love with SCANDINAVIAN monthly], is unsolicited written by Richard Foster. Richard is an adventure traveler, and he loves to travel to different countries, exploring new things about them. He is always open to learning more about new countries’ values, culture, and customs, especially when those countries are Scandinavian countries.

Feature image (on top): Traditional red cabin in Finnerödje, Central Sweden. © Doris Beling/Folio/

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