Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape

Enjoy Comfort and Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape

In the middle of Scandinavia and the charming Swedish countryside you will find Dalarna. The amazing region is the birthplace of the world famous Dala horse and midsummer traditions. The region is often referred to as “Sweden in miniature”. If you want to experience comfort and luxurious nature experiences in a marvelous Swedish winter landscape, you should experience Dalarnas newest (and first!) high end accommodation, the Fryksås Chalet. 

The Fryksås Chalet is an old rustic log house that has been transformed into a place of divine comfort with elegance and style. The big, open fireplace that is the heart of the chalet invites guests to spend hours in front of it. Maybe dreaming of some of the amazing outdoor experiences in the untouched wilderness that can be found just around the corner? Visitors may also indulge themselves in a long sauna session, or practice stargazing while relaxing in the comfortable outdoor hot tub.

Enjoy Comfort and Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape
Relaxing in hot tub. Still photo

The chalet has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sauna, indoor & outdoor bath and a nice social kitchen where private chef dinners may be enjoyed. It also offers a meditation & yoga room and big veranda facing the south with a beautiful lake view.

Dalarna is also known for being one of Sweden’s most important regions when it comes to culture, food and outdoor activities.

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Enjoy Comfort and Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape
Relaxing by the fioreplace. Still photo

Great experiences all year round
Dalarna is offering great experiences all year around and from next winter it is possible to take part of them with great service at Dalarnas newest (and first!) high end accommodation.

The chalet is found in a beautiful old village that continues to tell stories of a bygone era and the people who lived here. Take part of the history and soak in the traditional red cottages, tranquil nature, deep forests and cool lakes the surrounding area has to offer.


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Exclusive add-ons
The days can be filled with eco-friendly activities such as traditional horse-drawn sleigh rides through village, dog sled rides in serene nature or outdoor cooking & dining. Try carving a Dala horse or more adventurous activities like Nordic skiing tracks, snowshoe trekking and downhill skiing. A private guided tour in the nearby predator reserve park or a private meeting and a Swedish fika with Santa Claus are also possible add-ons. At the end of the day a private chef will serve a dinner made with local delicacies, prepared to perfection.

The Fryksås Chalet is the number one choice for couples looking for a relaxing getaway or families that want to spend quality time together. In addition to The Fryksås Chalet guests can also book the “The log chalet” which is a smaller chalet on the same property that can be added for bigger or multi-generation families.

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Enjoy Comfort and Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape
Horsesleig riding at Frykås Chalet

Bookable for next winter season
This experience is bookable now for next winter with the first arrival date on the 1th of December 2021.

The Dalarna landscape is one of mountains, waterfalls and rivers, deep forests with woodland lakes and open rolling farmland. Perfect country for hiking, skiing, cycling, skating, canoeing and other outdoor adventures. Much of the popular imagery of Sweden, culturally and geographically, is from Dalarna; a pretty red-painted cottage, people in brightly-colored folk costumes dance and swirl in celebration of Midsummer and -of course the Dala horse. All very Swedish. All very Dalarna.

Luxurious Nature Experiences in a Marvelous Swedish Winter Landscape, is based on a press release from Visit Dalarna. Visit Dalarna is the Regional Tourism Organization for Dalarna. Our mission is to develop, market and sell the region Dalarna nationally and internationally.

All photos © Julius Aspman, photographer / Visit Dalarna. The photos named STILL (including feature image on top) are still images of the YouTube video.