Luxury Scandinavian Destinations

Luxury Scandinavian Destinations

There are several luxury Scandinavian destinations to explore. Read on to find out about the most luxurious Scandinavian destinations to visit by private jet.

Luxury Destinations in Scandinavia to Visit by Private Jet
Scandinavia has often been credited with having some of the best scenery and most welcoming people in the world. Whether you’re in the baron landscape of Iceland or the bustling city of Sweden, you always feel like you are somewhere special.

Private jet travel allows you to explore even better and more luxurious locations, places most people will never get to see. Here are the most luxurious places to visit in Scandinavia by private jet.

ION Adventure Hotel
The ION Adventure Hotel in Iceland is found on the slopes of a dormant volcano. The luxury hotel is proudly eco-friendly and gives visitors a base to explore Iceland’s Golden Circle.

Fitted with enormous windows, guests can gaze into the vastness of Iceland’s harsh terrain, or you can venture out into it. A few steps from the Thingvellir National Park, guests can enjoy incredible natural wonders, hiking paths, and ice climbing expeditions.

Found in Swedish Lapland, the ICEHOTEL is a type of luxury you didn’t know you needed. The accommodation is self-explanatory, with the entire hotel being made out of ice. This is certainly not your regular hotel experience.

With rooms being as cold as -5 degrees celsius, guests can sleep in one of the many vast rooms in a thermal sleeping bag under a reindeer-skin blanket. You will then wake up to a steaming hot cup of Lingonberry tea. Staying at the ICEHOTEL is almost a rite of passage in the area and is a must-try for any visitors.

Luxury Scandinavian Destinations
Northern lights. Photo by David Becker/Unsplash

Luxury meets youthful memories with this treehouse. Found in the Harads in Swedish Lapland, the Treehotel sits high in the trees and gives visitors an almost 360-degree view of their surroundings.

Your private treehouse is incredibly comfortable and cosy, and to top it off, if you visit at the right time of the year and get lucky, you will be able to stare out of your window and see the Northern Lights.

Levin Iglut Glass Igloo
The glass igloo rooms in Finnish Lapland are world-famous at this point, and for good reason. Visitors can enjoy their own private igloo made from glass, allowing them to lie in bed and look up at the stars and the Northern Lights.

You get far more than just amazing views too. The hotel offers delicious local and international meals, ski-shoe walking, skiing, and reindeer rides. There are very few hotels in Scandinavia that get you this close to nature.

Deplar Farm
Found in the Troll Peninsula in the North of Iceland, Deplar Farm is truly remote. The turf-topped hotel is an exquisite combination of luxury and farm life. While you can do all the usual snow activities like skiing and snowmobiling, Deplar offers so much more.

You can go salmon fishing in one of the many surrounding lakes and go whale-watching too. You can also visit one of the famous Icelandic hot springs, where you’re surrounded by ice and snow while you relax your mind and body.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel
Back in Finnish Lapland, the Arctic TreeHouse is a combination of a wood cabin and a glass igloo and then perched in a tree. The cosy and warm interior is protected from the outside by an enormous panoramic window surrounding the house.

The nearby Rakas restaurant offers freshly made Lappish food daily, with guests being able to enjoy dinner by the fire once the sun goes down. You can spend your day exploring the forest, relaxing by the lake, or reading by the window and watching the snow fall on the seemingly never-ending landscape.

Luxury Scandinavian Destinations
Juvet landscape hotel. Photo:

Juvet Landscape Hotel
If you want to be plunged even further into nature, then you want to stay at the Juvet Landscape Hotel. Set right into the forest, the ultra-modern architecture of the rooms and interiors are offset by the raw nature that surrounds them.

The hotel is such a contrast that it was the site for the filming of the 2014 movie Ex Machina, a truly unique piece of architecture in the heart of Norway.

Luxury Scandinavian Destinations
Milk Tea. Photo: Unsplash

Dragsholm Slot
Why settle for just a room or a treehouse when you can have a castle? Dragsholm Slot in Denmark is a luxury castle that aims to make every guest feel like royalty. Surrounded by rolling hills and enormous forests, Dragsholm is easily one of the most romantic spots in all of Denmark.

Luxury Scandinavian Destinations
Dragsholm Slot. Photo: Wikipedia

Private Island Camping
Found in the Swedish archipelago, this may be a camping trip, but not the type of camping you have ever done. Visitors can enjoy their luxury campsite on their own private island, with the closest person being a boat ride away.

While you may need to make a fire and a meal or two, you will be doing it in a tent that may as well be an upscale hotel room.

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Feature image (on top): Black sand beach, Iceland. Photo by Adam Jang/Unsplash.

Although Iceland and Finland are not Scandinavian countries, we’ve included the destinations here, since they belong to the Nordic region. Many people, including Scandinavians, are confused about this fact. (Editor’s note).