Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star

Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star
Swedish pop star Alex Alexander’s new EP Helpless counts millions of plays less than a month after its release. The EP Homeless contains five songs reflecting the multiple talents, vivid creativity and undeniable charisma of Alexander. Daily Scandinavian has interviewed the pop artist about the major impact he is having on the international music scene. Read the exciting story “Millions of plays for new hit by Swedish pop star”.
Alex Alexander was born in the small Swedish village of Vinninga, and is internationally known for being the face behind different guitar brands. He started playing music professionally with bands in Asia, in the Middle East, and in Europe at the age of 19 years, singing and playing the guitar. Alex later turned his interest into songwriting and production, as well as focusing his energy on his solo career as a pop act, leading him to play live performances on Swedish Radio, Pride Main Stage in Calgary, Canada, and The NAMM Show in Anaheim California on the Yamaha Music Stage.
Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star
Alex Alexander was born in the small Swedish village of Vinninga

Started playing guitar 12 years old
“I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old after getting obsessed with Metallica and Iron Maiden,” he says. “I used to practice technique 4-5 hours a day on my guitar and this later led me to go to a special music high school in Sweden. After graduation, I pretty much applied and searched for every gig on the internet, and this landed my first 2-year tour in Asia.”

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As an independent artist, Alex Alexander has released 25 singles and has accumulated over 70 million streams. Alex competed in the Semi Final of Albanian song contest ”Kënga Magjikë” on live TV in front of 1,5 million viewers and 2000+ plus in the audience in Palace Of Congresses in December 2019. 2020 will be a big year for Alex as he has been planning to move to Los Angeles, after being active on the LA market for over 3 years.

A long and ever changing journey
Alexander tells us it has been a long journey that constantly has been changing for him as an artist. “There isn’t a special moment that lead me into the electronic music genre, but it all kind of came together naturally. I always think as an artist you should dare to experiment and mix different styles,” he explains.

Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star
The EP Helpless is an escape from reality
The EP Helpless is an escape from reality, a beautiful one that takes the listener on a trip through multiple destinations, emitting a light and a pure energy rare to find nowadays in most new pop releases. Soulful and catchy, The tracklist‘s ethereal sound is gracefully paired with unbelievably breathy vocals, giving it an out-of-this-world feel. It’s Latin American-inspired sonic and rhythmic textures give it an exotic vibe, set to spark mass appreciation among aficionados of positive, dynamic, and beautifully executed music.

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Scandinavian music has an amazing world-wide reputation
When we ask Alexander if his Scandinavian roots still play a role in the music he creates he answers, “Absolutely, we Scandinavian artists, songwriters, and producers have such an amazing reputation around the world. There is definitely a strong connection with quality and great melodies whenever anyone abroad talks about a Scandinavian in the music industry. We have given the world so much great music for being such small nations.”

The producer, performer, and creator behind Helpless is a fearless artist who flexes his creative process when needed, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in his music by flawlessly blending a myriad of sounds into upbeat, fun, and classy sounds. This release builds a solid base from which to propel Alexander into even higher dimensions in 2020, especially knowing he is moving to LA this year.

“For me, it’s so much about the vibe of the music. I want the listener to feel good and get hyped when they listen to my music! Some people listen more to the story and the lyrics of the song and others more the music. I want to convey both and let the listener decide what mood, it puts them in!” he explains.

Do you have any musical influencers?
“I have so many influencers and it constantly changes! But my favorite artist right now is The Weeknd!»

 What is the story behind your debut EP, “Helpless”?
«The story is written around different relationships and the hardship one can feel when trying to get it all together. On the song ”Lyin’ Eyes”’ for example, we wanted to write about the whole social media culture where it’s all about showing you’re famous, rich and always happy, but if you really look into someone’s eyes you can see that they are not always happy.”

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Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star
As an independent artist, Alex Alexander has released 25 singles and has accumulated over 70 million streams
 Have you done all the music and lyrics on your own or have you collaborated with others?
«Me and the very talented Swedish producer Johan Randén produced and wrote the whole EP together.”
 What are your future plans? Can we expect a full-length album release after this EP?
«As an artist now in the streaming era it’s important to just keep your releases coming and feed the fans with constant new songs! I would love to take the next step and release a full-length album, I know many say the album is dead, but I still believe the impact an album gives the fans is so much bigger than just a single.»
 As a newcomer, do you have any music-industry related goals in the coming years?
«My next step is to get out on the road once things open up and just play for as many people as possible and in as many countries as possible. I think you can only fully connect with your fans once they see you live and interact with you in reality!»
 Last question: You’re moving to LA. Is Scandinavia too small for you?
«I have been in LA now on and off for 3 years and I finally got my Artist Visa approved this year! I love Sweden and Scandinavia, but I want to break into the US music industry and make my mark, become a household name!”




Millions of Plays for New Hit by Swedish Pop Star, Alex Alexander interviewed by Tor Kjolberg