Mountain Biking in Norway


Our journalist on biking, Oyvind Wold, wishes to inspire visitors as well as natives to bike the Norwegian mountains. Oyvind has written several books on the pleasures of biking.


040614_Oivind_Wold_Book_on_Mountain_Biking_in_NorwayHis book on mountain biking is the result of various tours he has taken on attractive and easy to bike mountain roads in eastern Norway. Far between other cyclists, he reasoned that it was not due to an impression that it is difficult to bike here, but just that people don’t know about the tour options. His book contains more than 50 suggestions from 11 different mountain destinations, including Geilo, Sjusjøen, Gaalaa and Oppdal. A number of tips on equipment, clothing, current maps and websites are also included in the book.

– The aim of this book is simply to inspire people to take a fancy to cycle in the mountains, Wold says. – People believe it’s so exhausting, while the fact is that it is a very pleasant way to experience the mountains, partly because you can use the saddle bags and release the heavy backpack!

We asked him to give us a tip for a cycle trip in the mountains. Here it is.


Among mountains and mountain farms in Grimsdalen, a real find for enthusiasts of mountain biking in Norway.

Route: Fallet – Grimsdalshytta return trip

Starting point / end point : Fallet at County Road 27 (70 km north of Ringebu)

Distance : 36 km

Substrate: fine gravel

Difficulty: easy

Season: Around June 15 – October 1

Suitable for: Families with children used to cycling, from Age 10 to 11.

Description: A trip anyone can do, through one of the finest and easiest to bike mountain valleys in Norway. The road follows partly quite close to Grimsa River, with views to several of the largest peaks in Rondane National Park along the way. Animals grazing in the valley make the trip even more exciting. From Fallet the tour starts with a gentle uphill slope, but from Stakstosetra and west is the way almost completely flat. Generally there is very little car traffic and therefore safe for cycling. There are several nice picnic possibilities at the Grimsa River.


Arriving at the Grimsdalshytta you may enjoy food and accommodation in addition to very good hiking opportunities.