Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden

A group called “AnonyMouse” installed a mouse-sized restaurant in the base of a building in one of the streets of the Swedish city Malmö last December. The appearance of anonymous art has brought smiles to the faces of the city’s residents with this mouse-sized restaurant in Sweden.

The news about the small nut shop and cheese restaurant in Malmö quickly spread all over the world. But on a Sunday evening, the miniature restaurant for mice disappeared. But next Monday morning it was back in place, renovated.

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden
Noix de Vie, Malmoe

According to UPI, Sweden has the classiest rodents. At least, that’s what some local artists think. The city’s residents are falling hard for the adorable scene, documenting it on social media and adding their own touches.

Anyone in the area of the intersection between Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan in the southern Swedish city, well known for its nightlife and clubs, should pay attention to where they walk: hidden at ground level lies a French nut store named “Noix de Vie” (Nuts of life) selling a range of nuts for the city’s mice, which two Malmö residents, still unknown to the public, put up.

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden
Malmoe Mice Restaurant. Photo: Mirijan Yman / Instagram

There are two storefronts in the display: one tiny dining spot called Il Topolino (the Italian name for Mickey Mouse) has small furniture out front, glass windows revealing brick walls inside, checkered tablecloths, and minute black-and-white photos, including a signed photo of Remy, the rat chef from the animated movie Ratatouille. The other spot in the 25-by-12-inch space is Noix De Vie, meaning “Nuts of Life,” as Curbed notes. Small plates of pistachios, almonds, pecans, and cashews fill the window display, piled underneath walnuts that hang from a wire overhead.

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden
Noix de Vie, Malmoe. Photo: Peter Frennesson

Early Wednesday morning what was going to be the talk of the town in the south Swedish town Malmo on the street Bergsgatan, put up a little miniature nut shop called Noix de Vie and an Italian restaurant called Il Topolino, which is Italian for Mickey Mouse. The creators call themselves AnonyMouse.

“The people of Malmö seem to have taken it to their hearts and almost immediately miniature things started to show up on the scene — club posters, cheeses, all kinds of plastic animals and much more,” an AnonyMouse member told Eater in an email.

The display is made from scraps, including bottle caps, tin cans, and matches. It even includes lights that switch on inside at night for a truly romantic setting.

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden
Noix de Vie, Photo Bjorn Lindgren

When the local newspaper Sydsvenskan reported about it, the news spread fast through social media. International media such as American Huffington Post, British BBC, German Focus and lots of others have reported about the small mouse restaurants.

“Il Topolino” is complete with a pin-sized menu attached to the wall detailing its range of cheese and crackers. There are even posters for mouse-related films, and a tiny power station and bicycle outside.

The anonymous artists have periodically been posting images on their Instagram account detailing the installation, from the construction stage onwards.

“The grand opening of Il Topolino was met with a slightly larger interest than anticipated. It’s been good fun but also resulted in a bit of a wear on the inventory, so this afternoon we were forced to shut down temporarily (there might have been an incident with a chef and some loose wiring). Anyways, we’re back again, just in time for breakfast!” AnonyMouse wrote.

And it seems there is more mysterious work planned for the future. “Without spoiling too much we can tell you that we’re working on a new scene, and in 2017 you’re going to be able to see plenty more,” the last Instagram update we spotted read.

Mouse-Sized Restaurant in Sweden, written by Tor Kjolberg