Mr. McTattoo


A Norwegian teenager deserves the nickname McTattoo.  As the story goes the 18-year-old from Lørenskog, outside Oslo, Norway, does well in the women department and his friends wanted to punish him for his luck with the ladies by diminishing his attractiveness so girls wouldn’t find him as desirable and demanded a tattoo of Barbie on his bottom or a McDonald’s receipt on his arm. He chose the latter.

We’re not sure why Stian telling his friends to go f*ck themselves wasn’t option #3, but Ytterdahl decided that the McDonald’s receipt tattoo was more “cool” than the Barbie tattoo. He got the fast food receipt and it will forever remind Stian of his unhealthy eating habits of his youth including his love for something called “Happy Cheese”.

It appears he decided to plump for a second unusual inking, after Sabelink Tattoo offered to inscribe the receipt for the tattoo on to his other arm for free.

Mr Ytterdahl revealed his new body art on his Facebook page under the post ‘new tat!’.

A tattoo artist from Sabelink Tattoo posted the photo on the store’s Facebook page, calling it “my weirdest tattoo ever.”

Ytterdahl’s tattoo became an internet phenomenon in 24 hours.

The tattoo includes the purchase of a cheeseburger for NOK 36  and a “Happy Cheese” for NOK 35, half a liter Cola for NOK 25, some toppings and also a “Nonstop Flurry”, for a total of NOK 143 (24 USD).

After the news appeared on the international media, the young Norwegian has suddenly become very popular. Talking to Norwegian newspaper VG, Ytterdahl said he had to turn off his phone because of enormous calls and messages.

Ytterdahl told the newspaper Romerikes Blad:

Now I’m a living billboard. But I think all this is just fun. Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years, but it’s my choice,  but at least I can tell my grandchildren where I ate my dinners. And so we can compare prices.”