The Munch Trail


This trip is ideal if you want to learn more about the childhood and youth of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch was born in Løten, 12 December 1863.

The Munch Center
The exhibitions at the Munch Center at Klevfos focus on the young Edvard Munch and the visits he made to the Hedmark area after his family moved to Oslo. It also focuses on his childhood work. Among other things, you can read the correspondence between the Munch family and their good friends at Ådalsbruk, and you can try your hand at painting skin tones, like Munch did.


The Munch Trail
There are information points at places who Edvard Munch was attached to, such as Engelaug østre (Munch’s birthplace), By farm (Sophie Munch’s birthplace), Tofsrud (Christian Munch’s workplace), Worker’s home at Klevfos Museum.

Loeten skyssstasjon
Loeten Nærstasjon

Løten Nærstasjon
Another good starting point for the bicycle trip is Løten Nærstasjon. Løten’s old station building is home to a café, bakery, an outlet for local food and arts & craft, tourist information center and train ticket office. When booking in advance groups can enjoy a guided trip on a quiet country road to Klevfos and the Munch-Center.

Munch menu
Combine the bike trip with a 2 course Munch lunch at Løten Nærstasjon. The menu is based on local produce and what Edvard Munch would have had on his menu while living in Løten.

SEASON: June – September 15.
CYCLING DISTANCE: Munch-trail 7,5 km from Klevfos. From Løten Nærstasjon to Klevfos: 5 km.
SUITED FOR: Cyclists in moderate condition. Interests: History.
PRICE LEVEL: From NOK 150 per person, including guided tour at the Munch-Center and at the Munch trail from the Munch-Center.
2 course Munch lunch: NOK 160.