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In the spring of 2015 Daniel Maudal, a student of marketing and leadership at Agder University in Kristiansand, Norway, was reading his local paper.  In it he found a page titled ‘My Mandal’ that showed pictures of different venues and attractions in that area.

“Why not share beautiful pictures from all of Norway on the Internet?” Maudal thought. He checked if the domain name was available – and it was, and then began collecting images from professional photographers as well as amateurs who wanted to share their pictures. In a short time Maudal had an impressive collection of images showcasing Norwegian destinations and beautiful Norwegian nature.

Daniel Maudal
Daniel Maudal

As a result of the high number of visitors to Mitt Norge, a former co-student of Daniels, Nicolay Reinhartsen, asked if Daniel had thought of commercializing the site, and soon the two were discussing this possibility. “Mitt Norge” (My Norway) was established, and today they are also offering workshops in how to use social media in marketing.

Mitt Norge has grown exponentially, attracting worldwide visitors, 65% of whom are Norwegians. It has turned out to be an enormous traffic building site for operators in the tourism business, as a result of Instagram.

Moon over Lofoten
Moon over Lofoten

The pictire above was shot by Øystein Nondal

The model is Såmund Botnen. You may read the story behind the picture here. (In Norwegian only)

Modell: Såmund Botnen

The Mitt Norge site is the fastest growing landscape based profile in Norway with over 10,000 followers each week, thus creating social influence and social value. “Social value is all about the potential of being present in social media.

“The more followers and deep relationships that you have, the more value.  It’s better to have 1,000 loyal followers than one million unconcerned,” says Reinhartsen.

in the last few years social media has been a necessary part of the marketing mix in most businesses, and not least in the travel segment.

The challenge for many companies is that they have unidentified targets, too little understanding of how to utilize this new media and therefore need advice. Social media has become the most dynamic media today and requires regular updating. An understanding of social media is important.

Nicolay Reinhartsen. Photo: Tor Kjolberg
Nicolay Reinhartsen. Photo: Tor Kjolberg

“Marketers must have courage enough to search for media in the sunrise,” says Nicolay Reinhartsen. “Don’t only trust media with large numbers. Your ability to change is very important. Guaranteed, new media channels will enter into the market place,” he adds.

Mitt Norge has already become a serious voice in the Norwegian travel business and now that Mitt Norge and Daily Scandinavian  have partnered, a new chapter has been written in the future of tourism and the travel business – all over Scandinavia.

Feature image (on top): From Hjorundfjord. Photo: Michaela Potterbaum.

My Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg