Never Stop Skiing


Jens-Martin Johnsrud (29) from Oslo, has lived a stressful but rewarding life for some years now. He has successfully founded the company Stereo Skis, which is the first company to introduce the twin combination water and winter skis.

180714_Jens_Martin_Jonsrud– Stereo Skis is a company that provides ski to the most modern forms of skiing, namely twintip and freeride, both summer and winter. Joy of skiing all year round is the driving force, and its slogan is therefore “Never Stop Skiing “. Stereo Skis is known as the pioneer of wakeskis , twin-tip skis for water, or the ski version of wakeboard, if you prefer.

– Today, this is the only Norwegian ski producer which makes twin-tip and free ride skis, and the only brand in the world selling twin-tip skis for both summer and winter, says Martin Johnsrud.
Johnsrud has been skiing since he was eleven years old, and says he is now living his dream with his ski manufacturing company. Furthermore, he explains why he founded the firm.

– Stereo Skis started with an idea of twin-tip skis on water. This has become the new trend in the resorts and it was natural that this could become a hit on water. First I made some skis to test, and the concept worked well. This eventually led to the company being started.


– I have always been interested in making things and want to put a mark behind me. That’s why I grabbed this opportunity and started my own company instead of taking a job as a engineer, says Jens-Martin Johnsrud . At the same time he admits that there were problems to be solved in the beginning.

– There has been a lot of trial and error. Just to start a business is a struggle, but the biggest challenge was without doubt to develop wakeski as sports and explore the market. To take something from concept to the market and meet lots of new and interesting people along the way has been a great experience, says the entrepreneur.

So never stop skiing.