New Food Prize Celebrates Nordic Cuisine


On 24 August 2017 the Nordic food award ‘Embla’ is handed out for the first time at an award ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall.

The price will be handed out in seven different categories celebrating:

– The best food for children and young people
– The best food destination
– The best food entrepreneur
– The best food craftsman or –woman
– The best food communicator
– The best creator of food to many
– The best food producer

The nominees will be from all the Nordic countries.
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The new Nordic food prize, Embla, is aimed at helping to strengthen a shared Nordic culinary identity and culture, and increase interest in Nordic food outside the region.

The first pan-Nordic food prize is launched by six Nordic agricultural organizations.

New Food Prize Celebrates Nordic Cuisine
Senior advisor at the Nordic Council of Ministers, Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller

The focus will be on ingredients, food, production and the professionals behind it. Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller, senior advisor at the Nordic Council of Ministers, said:

New Food Prize Celebrates Nordic Cuisine
The Embla logo

“The fact that the prize is administered by organizations representing the breadth of Nordic food is a huge boost for Embla, its identity, and its purpose. The objective is for the prize to become as recognised as the Nordic Literature Prize.”

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Embla will be awarded every other year. The host country for Embla 2019 will be announced at the ceremony. The awards ceremony in Copenhagen will take place in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark’s ‘Better Food for More People’ summit at Copenhagen Cooking.

New Food Prize Celebrates Nordic Cuisine
Chief consultant at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and project manager for Embla, Andreas Buchhave Jensen

Andreas Buchhave Jensen who is chief consultant at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and project manager for Embla says:

“We have so many good things to offer in the Nordic Region. Tasty ingredients and a high level of innovation among food professionals. By sharing our experiences, we all benefit. The prize is also recognition of a Nordic culinary culture that we can all be proud of.”


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