New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark


2 million visitors are drawn annually to the tiny town of Billund in Denmark, the home of the Lego toy company’s theme park and headquarters. Lego House opened last month.

Now you can explore Legoland and visit the LEGO House, which opened last month in the center of Billund, where Lego was invented in 1932. Lego House is a stacked-block formation with a huge Lego-style brick topping it.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Aerial view of Lego House, Billund, Denmark

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be inside a real LEGO House? This is now possible. The LEGO House, also called “Home of the Brick”, is a unique experience house.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Inside the Lego House in Billund

The 130,000-square-foot building has been designed with Lego in mind. The 6.3-million-brick centerpiece is built as homage to Lego’s roots as a wooden toy. The yellow and blue Lego bricks are scaled up to human size, so Lego fans of all ages will get the ultimate Lego experience.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Detail from the Lego House, Billund

The building is made up from 21 white blocks stacked like a pile of the brand’s famous toy building blocks. There are four color-coded experience zones, one for spontaneous creativity, one for roleplay, one testing your dognitive skills and one for playing with emotions.  There can kids of all ages learn through play. Inside you can also enjoy the Epic Stairs by the Three of Creativity and the Masterpiece Gallery. In the History Collection you can follow the timeline through the Lego history.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Three of Creativity, The Lego House, Billund

It has been said that the largest block crowning the building, will make the whole building recognizable as a Lego brick from Google Earth. “My vision with this house is to create the ultimate Lego experience which truly unfolds the endless possibilities there are with our bricks and our Lego system of play and have all these experiences in one house, the home of the brick,” said the Lego Group’s majority owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, in his opening speech.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Public area sqiare in Lego House, Billund

The terrace playgrounds are installed with Lego-style toy furnishing; a helicopter, a rocket and chairs and tables linked by staircases that run both inside and outside the blocks, free for the public to explore. Employees stationed in each zone offer suggestions and help small hands find the perfect piece for their creations among some 25 million bricks.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Robots in Mini Chef restaurant, Lego House

The building also includes three restaurants. In one of these, called the Mini Chef restaurant, customers place their orders on Lego bricks and are being served by robots. The food is upscale and health-conscious with adult-friendly ingredients. The kids receive a mini-figure chef toy with their meal.

New Lego House Opened in Billund, Denmark
Red Zone in Lego House, Billund

The building’s nine rooftop playgrounds, ground-level atrium and surrounding parks are free and open to the public, and designed around the idea of Lego House as an indoor town square for the people of Billund and visitors alike. Tickets to the experience zones are DKK 199 per person ($25).

Lego House is located 900 m from Hotel Legoland in Billund town center.

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New Lego House in Billund, Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg

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