New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen

New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen

Soon you can enjoy Nordic ingredients in your cocktail served with delicious snacks in Copenhagen. The team behind Kadeau, honored with two Michelin stars, is opening a new Nordic cocktail bar in the upcoming upscale boutique hotel Herman K in June.

The bar will be named after its zip code 1408 and will be found in the premises right next to Kadeau in Christianshavn.

New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen
Kadeau chef Nicolai Nørregaard

The ambition level is high and the new cocktail bar is said to be one of the world’s best.
“We already make food that people travel from all over the world to taste. We will work together with a cocktail genius, “says Rasmus Kofoed, one of the three owners of Restaurant Kadeau.

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New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen
Herman K Hotel

Nordic with Nordic ingredients
The cocktail bar will be 100% Nordic and the bar’s cocktails will be made exclusively with Nordic ingredients. For example, Citrus might for example be replaced by fermented berries. The concept of the cocktail bar has been developed by Morten Damgaard, who is also the man behind a number of other so-called “postcode” bars such as 1105 and 1656.

The cocktail bar has teamed up with Simon Lennet and Simon Frank, veterans in the Copenhagen nightlife scene, owners of nightclubs such as Chateau Motel and At Dolores.

Lots of food
In addition to delicious cocktails, you can enjoy high quality bar snacks, matching some of the food already served at the Kadeau.

New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen
Rasmus Kofoed, one of the three owners

“We are very excited to develop the so-called cocktail card with a creative minded person like Morten. Therefore, we also provide all the knowledge about Danish raw materials, herbs, taste and cooking techniques from our newly developed Kadeau’s food lab. Finally, we will thank a number of chefs who have assisted Morten to develop our juice menus at the two Kadeau reataurants,” says Kadeau chef Nicolai Nørregaard.

For DKK 595 you can enjoy a composite menu called ‘The 1408 Pairing’ with three cocktails and three different snack servings.

New edition of White Russian
On the menu you will find a variety of cocktails such as a new interpretation of the favorite White Russian called Pharisee. It consists of snaps, coffee liqueur, fermented honey, egg liqueur and fried cream. This cocktail is served on a tray, so you can choose your own taste and sweetness.

Prices for snacks start at DKK 65, and cocktails cost 125 DKK.

Bar 1408 will open at Wildersgade 10a, 1408 Copenhagen in June 2018.

New Nordic Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen, written by Tor Kjolberg

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