Nightlife in Copenhagen


Wonder where to spend your night in Copenhagen? Here is an overview of our favorite places in the Danish capital.

Guldbergsgade 8 – Nørrebro

Rust in Nørrebro experienced a tragic fire in 2008, but reopened soon after with its classic club feel on three floors. In the Basement music varies depending on who is running the night.

The Main Floor is also dominated by various music styles, except on Saturdays. The top floor is the lounge-area where you are allowed to smoke without being sent outside.

Moderate priced beers in the Basement.

Culture Box
Kronprinsessegade 54 st. – 1306 København K

Culture Box is Denmark’s regional venue for electronic music and one of the country’s most prominent nightclubs.

On weekends and holidays, the nightclub always has a solid line-up of international and local artists from the underground.

Culture Box is divided into three compartments. White Box is the pre-clubbing bar, Red Box is the intimate lower floor, and Black Box where the biggest names play on the massive sound system.

The music ranges from electronica, through bass music, to house and techno.

Mesteren & Lærlingen
Flæsketorvet 86 – 1711 København V

Mesteren & Lærlingen (The Master & the Apprentice) is one of the oldest bodegas in the Meatpacking District, aiming a cheap bar and a cozy and informal atmosphere with good music.

At Mesteren & Lærlingen, there’s guests in all ages. There are the old butchers dropping by the bar for a beer, there are the students and then there are the locals.

Mesteren & Lærlingen cherish the old pub atmosphere, so it is allowed to smoke both inside and outside.

Four DJs arrange the music, which makes the atmosphere relaxed and cozy.

Store Strandgade 14 – 1255 Copenhagen K

Two party pioneers, Simon Lennet and Simon Frank, created this place in the summer of 2010. Som call Simons posh, other say snobby, but who cares?

Many international bookings are made at Simons, so you can expect a wide variety of music-genres, though the club’s main staple is electronica.

This is a huge place, more than 950 square meters located in an old gallery. Two floors high and a yard for smokers make Simon’s one of the places to visit in Copenhagen.

Note: Simon will be closed for renovation from Saturday Oct 12 until November

Flæsketorvet 19-21 – 1712 København V

Bakken is located on the ground floor in the Meatpacking District, where a patio and colored lights are making the atmosphere nice and cozy.

Bakken ensures a great party, and in most of the weekends, there are organized events which include live music. The Thursday club, THRST is particularly popular in the Copenhagen nightlife.

At Bakken, the atmosphere is relaxed and people are open-minded and cheerful, so go enjoy a beer in the old slaughtering halls or in the patio and make some new acquaintances.

Flæsketorvet 81-85 – 1711 København V

Jolene opened in 2007 and instantly became a boisterous success. So boisterous it was shut down after only 4 months due to incessant neighbor complaints.

In 2008, Jolene relocated to chic new digs in White Meat City, Vesterbro. This is also where you’ll find the hip Karriere and Kødboderne 18, featuring a restaurant, café, and bar, a former slaughterhouse turned serious all-night party venue!

Jolene is a bar. Not a cocktail venue. At Jolene’s you drink your beer from the bottle. Period. Shabby furniture and tattered lamps all contribute to the relaxed, industrial-chic atmosphere in which vibe-thrusting DJs spin their way through the night. Now and then live rock bands take over.

Jolene is a real find!! And you can be as noisy as you like.

Frederikholms kanal 4 – 1220 – Copenhagen K

Do you want to get the best drinks in town for a decent price? Then Zefside is the place for you. Placed in the old town of Copenhagen, you can see businessmen drinking a Friday-beer and later the young and fresh Copenhageners arrive. It’s not the biggest place in town, but the bartenders are always on their toes and do indeed participate in the party with swinging light balls and bass arms in the air.

The music usually starts out with light Electronica and later during the night the classic Dance chart tracks will be taking over.

Bremen Teater
Nyropsgade 39-41 – 1602 København V

Applause, people calling for “encore” and the smell of cigar are a few of the things that comes to mind when you enter Bremen Theatre’s proud foyer. During the week, the historical stages are to this day still used to present music events, comedy and plays.

Every Friday and Saturday, the chandeliers and champagne cabinets are tucked away, and the grand foyer is turned into a tremendous Nightbar, with a vibrant atmosphere and a DJ playing all the right music hits until people go home in the wee hours.

Bremen Theatre on Nyropsgade is among other things known for being owned by “Denmark’s travel King” Simon Spies, who was best known for starting the charter airline Spies Rejser, today owned by MyTravel.The theatre was originally called The Merkur Theatre, and worked as a cinema for the prosperous citizens in Copenhagen.

The theatre’s scenes and halls are kept in the same style as when Simon Spies owned it and has kept its old charm and patina. If the walls could talk, they could tell many mysterious and chocking tales that has found place in this theatre.

Kødboderne 18 – 1714 København V

KB18 is Copenhagen’s underground music destination. The club and concert venue presents artists within genres such as electronica, techno, punk rock, alternative rock and garage rock.

The interior of KB18 is both intimate and unconventional, with low ceilings, unfinished floors and graffiti. The prices are cheap and the nights long, with opening hours until late morning.

Skindergade 45-47 – 1159 København K

The nightclub HIVE is located in the heart of Copenhagen close to Gammeltorv. HIVE is part of Copenhagen’s more exclusive clubs as Zen and Sunday, which also appears in the club’s decor.

The style is simple, and by all the tables you will find chargers for iPhones. Besides, the tables in the great hall, you will find two lounges and a secret table, which is stored behind a large thick curtain.

On Fridays, HIVE is called XII, 12, and is for the more energetic audience, where several DJ’s ensure that you get a fun evening with lots of good music.

On Saturdays, HIVE is transformed to a universe with a mix from the 1300s and 2013 with 3-d visual walls, different levels, first floors, secret table areas and a dungeon from 1300 where only the visionaries from the other world can go.

The Jane
Gråbrødretorv 8 – 1154 København K

The nightclub and cocktail bar, The Jane is located in the heart of Copenhagen on Gråbrødre Square. Here you are invited into rooms in best ‘Mad Men’-style.

When you walk down the stairs to the 340 square meters nightclub, you will see a fireplace and a large bar where the bartenders are ready to make your favorite drink.

You can enjoy your cocktail at the bar or in an adjacent room, where you can sit in Chesterfields and plush chairs.

In some of the rooms there are old bookshelves, which during the evening open and reveal hidden doors. Behind these doors there are several other bars.

If you like to dance, a DJ will play around midnight.

Kødboderne 3 – 1714 København V

KB3 is not called a giant nightclub for nothing. The place is 850 m2 with a 13 meter long bar. In addition, there are seven meters to the ceiling, an outside smoking area and a special ‘friend toilet’ (with two toilet bowls next to each other!).

The club has room for 800 people and is open every Friday and Saturday night.

Ideal Bar
Enghavevej 40 – 1674 København V

Ideal Bar is the music venue VEGA’s concert hall and bar located in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen. Ideal Bar is an integral part of VEGA, but the intimate bar lives a life of its own every weekend as a popular nightclub.

Several times a month, Ideal Bar hosts intimate concerts, and sometimes it will be open before concerts at big brother VEGA. On weekends Ideal Bar turns into a popular nightclub with drinks, DJs and a dance floor.

When there are live concerts on, Ideal Bar opens one hour before the concert starts. Check out VEGA’s website for Ideal Bar’s concert calendar. You must be over 18 years old to enter the nightclub on weekends, but there is no age restriction for the concerts.

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