Nordic Cookery


TV series on BBC filmed these days on location at Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil, Norway


The international TV series “Nordic Cookery!” with renowned Chef Tareq Taylor is on scene filming an episode of Season 2 at the Radisson Blu Resort Trysil. Trysil, well known for their gastronomic specialties and locally produced ingredients, is this episodes theme on BBC Lifestyle, RTL & Good Food.

Chef Tareq focuses on the local specialties, and highlights local Nordic culinary traditions to an international audience. The TV series reaches 35 million households in Europe and 45 million households in Asia. TV series Nordic Cookery producer, Rick Jacobs, said that the team has long had a strong desire to play an episode in season 2 of the series in Trysil:

– The team is highly interested in Trysil and Eastern Norway’s gastronomy and unique places. It involves everything from skiing, to local food producers and enthusiasts who are passionate about local food traditions. The fact that we are finally on location, feels like an amazing starting point for one of the 12 Nordic episodes of the series.

In the week of filming, the film crew met with Radisson Blu Trysil Chef Michael “Bobo” Johansson to get a taste of the hotel’s specialties. In addition, they will learn the basics of Radisson Blu’s food concept “Brain Food” and outdoor culinary film production on one of the hotel’s suite terraces.

– We have an incredibly fast paced week together, and are grateful that they just chose us as the destination, concludes the hotel’s marketing and communications manager, Maria Belin.