Norse Beer – Viking Style


Do you believe in fairy tales? Imagine a place cradled among grand mountains, waterfalls and deep fjords. Imagine a place honoring Norse mythology and great Norwegian architecture. In Flåm, at the innermost part of the Sognefjord, Ægir Brewpub emerges, and you can enjoy Norse beer – Viking style.

Ægir is the very own brewery of Hotel Flåmsbrygga, the Brewery hotel on the quay in Flåm. The pub is built in Viking style with dragon heads telling the saga of Thor, Odin and the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Flaamsbrygga hotel

Ægir pub opened in 2007 and is now one of the best craft breweries in Norway – and one of the biggest attractions in Flåm.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Food and beer tasting at Aegir

Gather around the table and enjoy a fabulous combination of local food and artisan beer. A Viking-inspired menu and a combination of beer and food that’s just out of this world truly sets this magical place apart.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Aegir Bryggeru Pub

The pub is world-class, and has won gold, silver and bronze medals in international competitions. Ægir also makes its own aquavit.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Agir Bryggeri means Aegir brewery

Then imagine a hotel crafted from Norwegian driftwood, stone and glass. Flåmsbrygga Hotel is your destination for leisure and business, where conference facilities, world-famous attractions and thrilling activities await.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Enjoy beer and food at Aegir Bryggeropub

Enjoy beer and aquavit tasting and Viking-inspired menus that take you on a voyage of culinary discovery 1000 years back in time.

Norse Beer - Viking Style
Flaam hotel in wintertime

It sound like it’s taken out of a fairy tale, but such a place does exist. Visit Flåmsbrygga Hotel and Ægir Brewpub for yourself and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime Flåmtastic Experiences.

Norse Beer – Viking Style, written by Tor Kjolberg

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