Norway Billionaires List 2023

Norway Billionaires List 2023

As of April 16, 2023, Ivar Tollefsen was the wealthiest person in Norway, with an estimated net worth of 7.9 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Andreas Halvorsen (No. 2, $5.9 billion), Kjell Inge Rokke (No. 3, $5.2 billion); and Odd Reitan  (No. 4, $4.6 billion). Here is the Norway Billionaire List 2023.

  1. Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Ivar Tollefsen

    Ivar Tollefsen: $7.9 billion
    Ivar Tollefsen (born 23 June 1961) is a Norwegian businessman, the founder of Tollefsen Enterprises and Fredensborg AS.

  2. Ole Andreas Halvorsen: $5.9 billion
    Ole Andreas Halvorsen (born 1961) is a Norwegian billionaire hedge fund manager. He is the CEO and a co-founder of the Connecticut-based hedge fund, Viking Global Investors.

    Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Ole Andreas Halvorsen

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    Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Kjell Inge Røkke. Photo: Snl

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  3. Kjell Inge Røkke (born 25 October 1958) is a Norwegian businessman who was convicted of corruption in 2005.

    Røkke launched his business career with the purchase of a 69-foot (21 m) trawler in the United States in 1982, and gradually built a leading worldwide fisheries business. In 1996, the Røkke controlled company RGI purchased enough shares in Aker ASA to become the company’s largest shareholder, and later merged his company RGI with Aker ASA.

  4. Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Odd Reitan. Photo: Wikipdia

    Odd Reitan & family: $4.6 billion.
    Odd Reitan is the sole owner of Reitangruppen, which is one of the largest chains of grocery stores in Norway.

  5. Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Gustav Magnus Witzøe. Screen dump from YouTube

    Gustav Magnar Witzoe: $3.0 billion.
    Gustav Magnar Witzoe owns nearly half of Salmar ASA, one of the world’s largest salmon producers.




Norway Billionaires List 2023
Stein-Erik Hagen. Photo: WikipediStein Erik Hagen: $2.2 billion

6. Stein Erik Hagen (born 22 July 1956) is a Norwegian businessman. He is chairman of Orkla, where he is a major shareholder, and holds large stakes in Steen & StrømJernia and Komplett through his family company Canica. According to the news magazine Kapital, Hagen is worth NOK 24 billion, making him the second richest person in Norway.

7. Caroline Marie Hagen Kjos: $2.0 billion.
Caroline Marie Hagen Kjos (born 1984) is a Norwegian businesswoman, heiress and billionaire based in Switzerland. In early 2018, she was the richest woman in Norway. In 2014, she was elected Chairman of the Board of the family holding company Canica. In 2014–2015, a clear majority of the company’s share capital was also transferred to her. In March 2018, the US business magazine Forbes estimated Hagen Kjos’ assets at $2.8 billion.

Norway Billionaires List 2023
Caroline Marie Hagen Kjos. Photo: Orkla

8. Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen: $1.5 billion.
Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen (born 23 July 1996) is a Norwegian heiress. She became the world’s youngest billionaire at age 19 in 2016 and held the position of youngest billionaire on the Forbeslist for three consecutive years. As of 2020, Andresen is the world’s second-youngest billionaire and her net worth is estimated at US$1 billion.

Norway Billionaires List 2023
Alexandra G. Andresen. Photo: Dag Knudsen/Ferd

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9. Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen: $1.5 billion
Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen (born 21 May 1995) is a Norwegian heiress, and as of 2020, the world’s third-youngest billionaire) as reported by Forbes.

She is the daughter of Johan H. Andresen Jr., owner of Ferd AS, who, in 2007, transferred 42.2% ownership stakes each to Katharina and her sister Alexandra. She is the great-granddaughter of Johan H. Andresen, great-great-granddaughter of Johan Henrik Andresen and Anton Klaveness, and great-great-great-granddaughter of Nicolai Andresen. Johan Henrik was the brother of Nicolay August Andresen, and the uncle of Nils August Andresen Butenschøn.

Norway Billionaires List 2023
Katharina G. Andresen. Photo: Dag Knudsen/Ferd
  1. Norway Billionaires List 2023
    Torstein Hagen

    Torstein Hagen: $1.4 billion
    Torstein Hagen (born 1943) is a Norwegian billionaire businessman, and the founder and chairman of Viking Cruises.

  2. Johan Johannson: $1.0 billion
    Johan Johannson and his family own nearly 75% of NorgesGruppen, the Norwegian grocery store chain he inherited from his father and uncle.

His father still oversees the company as chairman of the board; Johan has no role in running the business.

Norway Billionaires List 2023
Johan Johannson (2017). Photo: Wikipedia

Norway Billionaires List 2023, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Gustav Magnar Witzøe. the 30-year-old Norwegian-born was named the world’s youngest male billionaire after his father gifted him a hefty share of the family’s salmon farming business when he turned 18.

As one would imagine, dude prefers cruising around in his father’s vintage Aston Martin or jetting off on lavish vacations around Europe – you know, when he’s not striking a perfectly chiseled pose as a professional model. (Some people really are God’s favorites.) Image & Source: Guestofaguest.


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