Norway – Europe’s Most Beautiful Country

Norway - Europe's Most Beautiful Country

Destination expert Fred Mawer calls Norway “Europe’s most beautiful country” in an article in the British paper The Telegraph on 3 August 2017.

He and his family was on a four-night journey with Hurtigruten, from Tromsø down the Norwegian coast to Bergen. He points out, however, that the voyage was a sedate experience and that a grown-up atmosphere prevailed on board. Even some of the offerings, such as lectures on Ibsen and Grieg, were too highbrow for him during a holiday.

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That said, when he claims that Norway is Europe’s most beautiful country, we believe the family’s Norwegian coastal experience, wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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The areas he describes with images in his Telegraph article are the following (all photos in this presentation by courtesy of Visit Norway):

The jagged peaks of the Lofoten archipelago:

Norway - Europe's Most Beautiful Country
Northern loghts at the Vågakall massive in Lofoten

The island of Kvaløya near Tromso:

Norway - Europe's Most Beautiful Country
Huckleback whales at Kvaløya,Tromsø. Photo: Sune Hansen

Lofoten is a pipular destination:

Henningsvær Pier Hotel, Lofoten

Hurtigruten at Trollfjord:


“As a contrast to life at sea, add a few nights to the end of your trip in Bergen, a lively and family-friendly place to stay,” says Fred Mawer.

Norway - Europe's Most Beautiful Country
Bergen by night

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