Norway’s Westernmost Town

Norway’s Westernmost Town

Norway’s westernmost town Florø has both glaciers and magnificent seas that provide unique opportunities to experience untouched nature. The town was founded by royal decree in 1860 as a small seaport (ladested) on the island of Florelandet.

The area is full of stunning archipelagos where you get the opportunity to experience Norwegian nature from a more active perspective. You can enjoy lighthouse safaris, sea fishing, kayaking as well as coastal hikes on islands rising straight out of the sea.

Norway’s Westernmost Town
At Kinnaklova mountain cleft you can sit and enjoy sea eagles in the sky and porpoise in the sea. Photo: Wikipedia commons
The most charming town in Norway
This small town has been recognized as the most charming in Norway. And the islands in Florø’s archipelago also offer fabulous opportunities. On Kinn, just off Florø, with only 11 permanent residents and its 1000 year old church, you should visit the famous Kinnaklova mountain cleft, where you can sit and enjoy sea eagles in the sky and porpoise in the sea.

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Norway’s Westernmost Town
The Coastal Museum in Florø
Rich fishing history
The 11,000 inhabitants in Florø make their living to a high extent from the fish farming industry. In addition, wild salmon, herring and mackerel are caught for sale on the world market. After the discovery of petroleum in the North Sea in the late 1960s, Florø has been used as a supply base for the offshore industry. But shipbuilding has been a stronghold of Florø for centuries. Kystmuseet (The Coastal Museum) is a relatively new attraction, exhibiting boats and artefacts from coastal communities along with art exhibitions during the summer.

The three herrings in the town’s coat of arms symbolizes the rich herring fisheries, and fishing is still an important part of the economy.

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Norway’s Westernmost Town
Stop by Vesle Kinn and be served the best from microbrewery number one in the country
Authenticity off the beaten path
If we should describe Florø with one word, it would be authenticity. Making a landfall in Florø means travelling off the beaten path. At Batalden you can combine spectacular hiking to the top with an art exhibition at the gallery. Satisfied with experiences and thirst after the trip, just stop by Vesle Kinn and be served the best from microbrewery number one in the country. Happy Hiking!

The municipality is named after the term Flora (Old Norse  Flóðra). The name is probably derived from flóð which means “strong stream”. The last letter in Flørø is the Danish word for island and indicates that the town is located on an island.

Norwegian National Road 5 highway is the main road connecting Florø to the rest of Norway. You can arrive Florø by plane at Florø Airport – an by ship of course.

Feature image (on top): Wikimedia commons

Norway’s Westernmost Town, written by Tor Kjolberg

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