Norwegian crime author has succeeded again!


A new novel by Norwegian crime fiction master Jo Nesbø is an electrifying thriller set in Oslo, Norway, in the 1970s.

Blood on Snow is the story about Olav, “the fixer”, and Nesbø lets him introduce himself standing over the man he just has shot in the chest and neck, blood dripping on the snow. This novel is about an unusually complicated contract killer whose unexpected capacity for love is as far-reaching as his talent for murder.

In his own eyes Olav is not a bad guy. “I have a weak, sensitive nature,” he says “so I have to stay well away from drugs”. Nesbø writes convincingly through the eyes of a hired killer who works for a crime boss, Hoffman, who deals in prostitution and heroin in Oslo in 1970s.

The book offers an excursion to a slightly different corner of the criminal underworld, where death and love become tangled together in the cold, dark streets of Oslo.

Blood on Snow is roughly a third of the length of Nesbø’s typical novels, which makes it move at a quicker pace. The 260515-blood-on-snow-book-coverbook is also more noire than the psychologically driven Harry Hole books.

Nesbø reached the charts twice in 2014, with The Son and Police, in which the troubled alcoholic detective Harry Hole was removed from the action. We’ve been told that Warner Bros is planning to adapt Blood on Snow as a vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio to produce and star in.

Norwegian crime author has succeeded  again! written by Tor Kjolberg