Norwegian cross-skiing world champion Marit Bjoergen received the “Fair Play Mecenate” for 2014


Last Wednesday Marit Bjoergen received the internationally prestigious Fair Play Mecenate award for 2014 in Castiglion Fiorentino in Italy.

“It is a great honor to be awarded such a prestigious award. I am proud and humble. To be recognized with the Fair Play Mecenate Award is something I greatly appreciate. Although cross country is an individual sport, I would not be where I am today without the other girls on the team. I am proud to be part of our strong team, where we begrudge our teammates success and support each other in prosperity and in adversity,” says laureate Marit Bjoergen, the Norwegian cross-skiing champion.

“Marit Bjoergen has for years been a role model for athletes in particular, and children and young people in general. Marit is concerned with the team and recognize the importance of having good teammates. She gives of herself both when it comes to sports and human relationships and represents the sport in an excellent manner. It is highly valued by the entire ski community in Norway. The international recognition proves that she has distinguished herself with his positive attitude far beyond Norway’s borders,” says ski president Erik Røste.


The jury consists of members from all continents, representing the international sports press and various international sports organizations. The jury states that  Bjoergen “Marit Bjoergen receives the award for her particular ethical and fair play behavior that she always demonstrates both in her agonistic career and in her demonstrations of great sportsmanship and solidarity.”

Feature photo on top: Karl Filip Singdahlsen