Norwegian Fishpot

Norwegian Fishpot

Norway’s many rivers, streams and lakes make it a paradise for outdoor experiences and sport fishing – that’s where Fishpot comes in.

Fishpot is an organization formed by participating fisheries. It offers all the information you need about fishing, lodging and fishing guides during your trip.

Norwegian Fishpot
Fishpot offers all the information you need about fishing, lodging and fishing guides during your trip

It gives an overview of the best inland fisheries in South East Norway and is organized into categories such as fly fishing, wilderness fishing, grayling fishing, pike fishing, general fishing and more. It is your go-to-guide in Norway.

Norwegian Fishpot
The typical species is brown trout

The typical species is brown trout, grayling, arctic char, pike and arctic white fish. Most of the fishing can be practiced with any style of rod fishing you prefer, with the exception of a few fly-fishing zones. Most waters have regulations on catch and release of fish within certain sizes.

Norwegian Fisahpot
Norway is awesome, you can go anywhere you like. Photo: Thomas Gran

Norway is awesome. You can go anywhere you like, and with thousands of lakes and hundreds of rivers, you will find solitude and the true wilderness experience. On the other hand, you will also find that a lot of the rivers and lakes are easily accessible from roads. In a handful of rivers, you will meet a few anglers, but no rivers are crowded.

Norwegian Fishpot
Jon Erlend in Rena

Landowners own all waters, rivers and land in Norway. These landowners can be either public or private. However, everybody can roam freely in the Norwegian countryside, including privately owned land. You can camp anywhere except near people’s homes or buildings. Open fires are banned most of the season, due to fire hazard.

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Norwegian Fishpot, written by Tor Kjolberg