Norwegian Movie about Fictional Pirate, Captain Sabertooth, Now Sold In More Than 100 Countries


The movie Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama has according to IMDB so far brought in US$7m at the box office.

25 years have passed since author and songwriter Terje Formoe performed his first stage play about his fictional pirate Captain Sabertooth (Kaptein Sabeltann). Since then the character has been so popular it has turned into 13 stage plays, 16 books, 12 films, four video games, one 26-part television series, 15 CDs as well as lending his name to products ranging from ice-cream to liver pate.

The Norwegian movie about fictional pirate, Captain Sabertooth, now sold in more than 100 countries

Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama  contains stormy and magnificent adventures, in which children demonstrate courage, shrewdness and vigor in their battle against evil. The audience will follow the pirate vessel The Black Lady on an adventurous voyage from the pirate alleys in Abra Harbour to the colorful and exotic Lama Rama.

The movie company Storm Films and its two co-producers spent 50 million Norwegian kroner (US$6.2m) on the production, escalating it to the most expensive ever children’s movie in the history of Norwegian filmmaking.

Tre film is directed by John Andreas Andersen and Lisa Marie Gamlem.

Lisa Marie Gamlem (b. 1975) graduated as a director from the Norwegian Film School in June 2004. She has directed several award-winning shorts, documentaries and drama series’ for television. Her graduation film, Muhammed, received both national and international acclaim, and her TV mini-series Ping Pong was nominated for an International Emmy in the Children & Young category in 2008. Her short film Cold (2011) has been screened at numerous international film festivals, and was nominated for the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film.