10 Years On Norwegian Roads


The brown rooster, the sign symbolizing the term ‘rural tourism’, has been seen on Norwegian roads now for ten years. Rural tourism refers to accommodation and catering places, activities and farmers’ stores and freshwater fishing.

“Nearly 150 businesses in Norway have been approved to use the sign,” says general manager of Hanen, which is the Norwegian word for the Rooster, Bernt Bucher Johannessen. “More and more companies are now applying for membership, since this is an approval of quality goods and services. Our aim is to offer exciting adventures around rural Norway and make them more accessible.”

“There is a growing interest in local food and various kinds of rural experiences,” continues Bucher Johannessen. “Therefore it is important to help members to spread the word to visitors being interested in Norwegian food and culture. The sign attracts attention and curiosity. Although the brown roster now is 10 years old, there are still many who wonder what this sign symbol means.”

“Good and effective signage is also helping to improve road safety,” says marketing and media manager of Hanen, Ole Jonny Trangsrud. “Many exciting and popular destinations in rural Norway are found off the main routes and can be difficult to find. Many of these destinations till have no street address or road number. Drivers, not familiar with the destinations, might take a wrong turn and can easily create traffic hazard. He advices visitors to plan their trip, and they can do so by looking at their homepage.

Guest-room at member-farm in Voss, Western Norway. Photo Tor Kjolberg
Guest-room at member-farm in Voss, Western Norway. Photo Tor Kjolberg

10 Years On Norwegian Roads, written by Admin.

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