Norwegian Singer/Songwriter’s «Breakthrough Moment”

Norwegian Singer/Songwriter’s «Breakthrough Moment”

After ‘Young Alien’ (2019) and ‘Jalousy’ (2020), Norwegian singer/songwriter Sval has released her potentially “breakthrough moment” with her song (I can’t be your) Medicine. It’s obvious that this alt-pop single is something special. Read more about the Norwegian singer/songwriter’s potentially “breakthrough moment”.

Sval proves that she is a creative genius when it comes to writing impactful music, and she is a strong performer too.

Norwegian Singer/Songwriter’s «Breakthrough Moment”
Sval on Apple Music

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Her 2011 Breakthrough
Sval’s real name is Sval Rosenløv Eeg, (born 1998) and she won Norwegian Song Contest for Juniors in 2011. Her later single Tidsfrist (Deadline), released in 2014 was streamed about 1.5 million times. According to her record label Warner Music Norge, she has been streamed more than 11 million times.


Sval writes her own songs but says she has been given great guidance of among others the hit producer Jasper Borgen. “I come up with an idea I have written in my room, and from there it develops into a full production in the studio.”

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When she sings

“All I can do is light you a match
follow your way down to the deep end
you got to find your way back”

it’s almost burlesque how you can feel how sher’s caring for someone.

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Norwegian Singer/Songwriter’s «Breakthrough Moment”
Photo: Rosenløv Eeg

Performing with a sense of purpose
Sval details a battle to save someone from themselves. “It’s about caring for someone so much and wanting to do everything for them and then realizing that you can’t really save anyone alone, but you can do your very best to try,” she says. “I think we all have our demons and our struggles, and this song is about trying to help someone, whilst also trying to make them want to help themselves.”

This time, Sval has been writing and is performing with a sense of purpose.

Norwegian Singer/Songwriter’s «Breakthrough Moment”, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Photo Jonathan Vivaas Kise


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