Norwegian’s Latest Tail Fin Hero


100 years since the birth of the popular Norwegian poet Hans Børli (1918-1989) he’s become the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle’s latest tail fin hero.

The portrait of the popular “poet of the woods” graces the tail fin of Norwegian’s newest Boeing 737  MAX 8 aircraft which has taken to the sky this month.

Norwegian’s Latest Tail Fin Hero
Hans Børli, “poet of the woods” graces the tail fin of Norwegian’s newest Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

Norwegian Air Shuttle proposed to establish a strong bond with its clients with a creative gesture of appreciation, through their airborne campaign titled “Tail Fin Heroes.” Since 2002, when the first 737-300s took to the skies, the airline has dedicated their aircraft’s tails to honor famous and historically distinctive figures that have exceeded their personal limits and inspired others to do the same.

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It was former Minister of Finance and now County Governor of the county of Hedmark, Sigbjørn Johnsen, who suggested the Norwegian lyricist as a tail fin hero of Norwegian Air Shuttle. He has, on many occasions, recited Hans Børli’s poems, also from the parliament’s chair.

Norwegian’s Latest Tail Fin Hero
Norwegian Boeing 737 Max 8 at Edinburgh Airport

Here is Sigbjørn Johnsen’s greeting for the new tail hero:

Now you can travel around the world, Hans – by plane.
And much farther than you did with Tjæreborg* to the Canary Islands.
You have nevertheless traveled farther than most in your poetry universe.
From the low ant-paths with broken straws on the land soil
to the starry skies’ endless arch, a level above all humans.

* Tjæreborg was a Danish travel agency, founded by a priest, Eilif Krogager in 1951. The company was taken over by Simon Spies in 1989. Spies also started Sterling Airways, which for a time was the world’s largest charter airline.

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Norwegian’s Latest Tail Fin Hero
Since 2002 Norwegian has established a close bond with its clients trough their airborne campaign ‘the Tail Fin Heroes’

Since Norwegian’s first aircraft took to the skies, the airline has always honored iconic figures on the tails of its aircraft, using personalities who symbolize the spirit of Norwegian by pushing boundaries, challenging the norm and inspiring others.

Today Norwegian Air Shuttle has tail heroes from several of the countries in which it’s established, including all the Nordic countries, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and the United States.

Thanks to Norwegian’s initiative, their tale fins are literally shooting stars leaping through the skies.

Norwegian’s Latest Tail Fin Hero, is based on a press release from Norwegian Air Shuttle