Organic Luxury from Sweden


Organic cosmetics are positive for the environment, but no guarantee against irritated skin through allergic reactions. As former CEO of a skin care company, and disappointed with the selection of safe products for her children, Swedish Pernilla Rønneberg started her own brand with baby care skin care.

Stars such as Beyonce and Penelope Cruz have jumped on the natural trend, praising its results. And who can disagree with Mother Nature?

Organic Luxury from Sweden
“I have made the decision to use pure bioactive ingredients and exclusive raw materials in my products. All of our formulas are free from pesticides and toxic residues and are certified organic by Ecocert,” says Pernilla.

Organic Luxury from Sweden
Facial Oil Rose

As former skin therapist and environmentalist, she works closely with her team to promote the best skin therapy nature can offer. ”Not considering our environment and ethics in beauty is for me very out of fashion” the Swedish founder adds.

Organic Luxury from Sweden
Estelle & Thild

The Estelle & Thild series is not only organic but also completely free of parabens, allergens and irritating aromatic fragrance oils. Shortly after launching, Estelle & Thild became an instant success throughout Scandinavia and received accolades in the international press. Today Estelle & Thild’s wide range of products can be found across Scandinavia, Europe and Asia, in shops like Boot’s pharmacy and Harvey Nichols as well as in selected online stores such as Net-a-Porter.

Organic Luxury from Sweden, written by Tor Kjolberg

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