Oslo -The Best Coffee City in Europe?


Oslo, Norway, is reinventing coffee in a very good way. That’s one of the reasons USA Today ranked Oslo as one of the ten top coffee cities in the world.

The signature roast in Oslo is exceptionally light, resulting in an unusual flavor that, for most, takes a little getting used to. But converts say the style celebrates the true nature of the beans, turning a great cup of coffee into a fantastic one.

“I’m a convert. After spending two weeks in Oslo and drinking some of the most extraordinary coffees I ever encountered. While many cities are resting on their creaking reputations, Oslo is forging a new standard,” wrote Oliver Strand, coffee writer in New York Times.

“Oslo is on top with Seattle, Portland and San Fransisco,” says an enthusiastic George Howell, behind the coffee chain “The Coffee Connection,” later bought by Starbuck.

The beginning of the huge interest for coffee in Norway was the trade with Brazil. Norway exported dry fish and received coffee in exchange

But it was not before 1994 the American trend with coffee bars based on Italian espresso culture arrived in Norway.

Here are some of Oslo’s hottest coffee bars recommended by the Daily Scandinavian team.

Fuglen (The Bird)
Having served coffee continuously since 1963, Fuglen has one of the longest pedigrees in Norway. Located in downtown Oslo, set slightly apart from the main streets in the area, it is at once both close by and tucked away. In 2011 Fuglen has been featured in global publications such as Monocle, where it was just listed as one of the world’s five best retail concepts. Fuglen opened a branch in Tokyo in May 2012.

Java at St. Hans Haugen offers their black coffee batch brewed, or brewed to order using a variety of different methods – normally a syphon or Hario V60 pour over. The exterior has no signage, but it’s hard to miss, with its enormous windows and tiled interior. The owner, Robert W. Thoresen won the Coffee World Championship in Monte Carlo in 2000.

Kaffebrenneriet i(‘The Coffee Roastery’) is Oslo’s longest-running chain of coffee shops. Since opening their first shop in 1994, a stripped space in Oslo’s Bislett area, Thomas Pulpan and Steinar Paulsrud have built a thriving business that is now the single largest purchaser of Cup of Excellence coffee for the consumer market—globally.

Mocca Mocca Kaffebar & Brenneri is a laid-back coffee bar located at the upscale neighbourhood of Briskeby. This is a great spot to unwind while enjoying well-crafted black coffee and espresso drinks.

If you’re downtown in Oslo and in need of a fantastic cup of coffee, then head over to Stockfleth’s in Lille Grensen. Stockfleth’s happens to have several locations around town, but this is the original, dating back to 1895.

Tim Wendelboe micro roastery and espresso bar located at Grunergt 1, east in Oslo.
“It feels like a neighborhood shop, but it’s run like a Michelin-starred restaurant,” according to Strand. Tim Wendelboe won the Coffee World Championship in 2004.

Feature image (on top): Shutterstock