Oslo Drinkhub

Oslo Drinkhub

Eight new bars have opened in the center of Norway’s capital, including a bar focusing on aquavit and drinks based on Norwegian ingredients. Learn more about Oslo Drinkhub.

Part of the venerable old main post office in Oslo has been converted into the Oslo Drinkhub, unique also in an international context. All eight bars have different concepts and are run by Oslo’s and the country’s best bartenders. The 2,000 square meter hall of granite and marble has a ceiling height of 11.4 meters.

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Oslo Drinkhub
Part of the venerable old main post office in Oslo has been converted into the Oslo Drinkhub.

The old premises have been refurbished without destroying the protected architecture. Where there used to be dispatch counters, there are now shelves in the same style. Here is no longer parcels and letters to be picked up, but cocktails and drinks in countless shapes and colors.

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The initiators of Oslo Drinkhub, which opened in December 2022, are Magnus Torseth and Stig Ove Sæther, who own the aquavit bar Seid.

Oslo DrinkhubIn the Oslo Drinkhub you may enjoy mixed drinks, classic drinks, beer and wine.

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Oslo DrinkhubThe Tiki Tukan bar serves mainly drinks based on rum.

Oslo DrinkhubRed Drop serves aperitifs composed by bar manager Tomas Ricardi, who has won several awards in bartending.

Oslo DrinkhubIn Guilty Pleasures you will find the drinks that perhaps tempted you the most in your teens, but which are here served to an international standard. Pina colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito, just to name a few.

Oslo DrinkhubChair is already well known in Oslo with its selected cocktails based on gin. In this branch you can taste 150 types of gin from around the world and a variety of drinks with gin as the main ingredient.

Oslo DrinkhubIn Dios Mio you can enjoy both food and drink. The concept is called “Texican” because the owner is from Mexico and grew up in Texas and Oslo. The drinks are based on Tequilla, Mezcal and Bourbon.

Oslo DrinkhubIn Bacco you can choose from 160 wines from Italy, 30 of which are offered by the glass.

Oslo DrinkhubPost bar is the post hall’s own beer bar, but also has a good selection of whisky and simple drinks.

Oslo DrinkhubIn addition to the bars, there will be two wine tables. At the tables there is a sommelier who can tell and answer questions about the wine you are drinking. At one table you are offered wines from traditional wine countries, at the other from “newer” wine countries.

Oslo Drinkhub, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top) © Bacco wine bar

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