Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding


Last month Oslo International Hub officially opened the Bærum International Hub in Oslo’s neighbor municipality Bærum.

Oslo International Hub, now in its 5th year, is a symposium of internationally-minded entrepreneurs in an exclusive co-working space, aiming to foster innovation in an excellent working environment. Last month Bærum International Hub and Bærum International Conference Center were officially opened in the presence of ribbon-cutting Mayor Lisbeth Krogh Hammer.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
Co-founder of Baerum International Hub, Tore Borthen

Bærum International Hub will focus on forward leaning ecosystems emphasizing on health, green, international and social entrepreneurship. “We hope it will be an innovative business cluster for smart and sustainable healthcare solutions,” said co-founder Tore Borthen. One of the most cutting-edge training centers is already in place, offering 4×4 training for endurance and strength, developed by professors Jan Hoff and Jan Helgerud, both from NTNU.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
Co-founder Jørn Lein-Mathisen

«Welcome home» said co-founder Jørn Lein-Mathisen in his welcome speech. “Home – because you belong here. You create values, and now national companies can grow internationally since the International Hub is the ‘missing link’ in startups.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
The auditorium at Bærum International Hub

Around 500 startups in all thinkable industries have been incubated in Oslo International Hub, an average of 100 a year. The idea is that Norwegian entrepreneurs need to be more visible.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
A state of the art training centers is already in place

“Bærum is probably the most international municipality in Norway per capita. Business environment, entrepreneurship mentality and brainpower are present here. Now we have the opportunity,” said Tore Gulli, head of business, Bærum Kommune.

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Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
The official opening of Bærum International Hub. From left: Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Bærum, Municipality Mayor Lisbeth Krogh Hammer and Per Borthen.

Norwegians have a tendency of undervaluing themselves, they don’t broadcast. Now it’s time to getting involved in more conversations. A Swiss business angel once said, “The average Norwegian person seems to be very average.”

The present generation is probably more extrovert and more willing to take risks. Bærum has now become the odd belt for startups.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding
Sparkling wine, tapas and marzipan cake were served at the opening of Bærum International Hub

“After the oil – taking care of people’s health in new creative ways is an important initiative,” said Tore Borthen.

Oslo International Hub Is Ramping Up and Expanding, written by Tor Kjolberg

All photos: Tor Kjolberg

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