Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors

Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors

The Oslo Wood lamp series from Oslo-based design company Northern is treasured and cherished by people in an abundance of homes and public spaces all over the world. The color range has now been extended to include a beige, light grey and matt white lamp base combined with lamp shades in white, olive green and caramel. Read more about Oslo Wood Lamp in new colors.

This year, Northern is celebrating its 15 year anniversary as a Nordic design company and takes another look at some of the company’s classic light designs.

Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors
Oslo Wood Lamp. Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Nordic landscapes inspire new design ideas
Picture the North. Rugged landscapes and clear blue waters, dramatic horizons reflected in breath-taking fjords. A place filled with talent and imagination, always ready to inspire new ideas in design. It’s where creative expression meets traditional craft, and where pale beauty is coupled with rough-cut contrasts. Inspirations such as these are sparking new directions for design.

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This is what Northern was established to pioneer. The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives has been illuminating lives for the past fifteen years. Northern combine beauty with functionality, and prefer natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. Furniture and interior accessories are a natural fit for what the company does, enabling it to express its characteristic style in a whole new scale.

Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors
Northern’s designs can energize and inspire. Photho; Tom Gustavsen

Northern’s debut collection
Northern’s debut collection was simplicity at its best, spelled out in streamlined designs that are fun to combine and easy to clash and contrast. Smoked wood, twilight colors and strong silhouettes create subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch. The designers see the interior as a flexible, creative space, and make multifunctional products that are unified in style, as well as in spirit.

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Northern’s creative reach goes beyond its Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury and cutting-edge cool. Northern’s designs can energize and inspire, create a relaxing mood, or set the scene for a soothing backdrop. Designed with the potential to make any setting unique, Northern’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.

Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors
Designer, founder and CEO of Northern, Ove Rogne Photo: Calle Huth

Founder Ove Rogne
Designer, founder and CEO of Northern, Ove Rogne is a driving force in interior design. Born in the Norwegian city of Narvik, Rogne received a Master’s degree in Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management before pursuing a career in management consulting.

Guided by a determination to work more creatively and a vision for making lighting design a bit brighter, Rogne teamed up with three long-time friends to establish Northern Lighting in 2005. The following year, Rogne created the award-winning Oslo Wood floor lamp, later teaming up with Trond Svendgård to co-design the Moo wall light in 2008.

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Revitalizing work of mid-century designers
His enthusiasm for Norwegian retro classics has revitalized the work of mid-century designers such as Birger Dahl and made their legacies relevant to design today. In 2018 the Northern brand was born and a complete lifestyle collection with furniture, lighting and accessories fulfilled the vision of a strong and acclaimed company

Feature image (on top) Photo: Anna Andersen

Oslo Wood Lamp in New Colors, based on a press release from the company

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