Oslo’s Summer Street Charm & Waterfront Pearls


Whether a visitor for the 1st time or returning to Oslo, this city has its own unique and irresistible charm. Another noticeable fact is Norwegians love enjoying life to its fullest.

From Karl Johan, the street of human charmers, down to the mesmerizing waterfronts in Oslo will enrich your memories for the rest of your lives. Experience Oslo’s summer street charm.


One of the best recreations Norwegians love most is to “relax” at one of many outdoor cafes  on Karl Johan on a sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the view of yachts and Tall Ships from Aker Festning (Fortress). Even take ferries and cruise on the Oslo Fjord.

Shop, eat and enjoy many of the yachts along the marina of Aker Brygge

Walk the channels and side streets and find hidden treasures in the many small shops of Aker Brygge.


Refresh the family and kids with a dip on a hot sunny day in Astrup Fearnley own lagoon (see picture on top).

Writer and Photos: Lars T Tanskanen