Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Breathtaking Surroundings

Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Breathtaking Surroundings

Orbaden has been known as one of the most beautiful bathing resorts in Sweden for more than 100 years. As early as the 1920s, it was widely known that at the Ljusnan valley there was a bathing beach that was something out of the ordinary. According to the first tourist brochure, even the most famous beaches on the Swedish west coast could not «stand comparison». Read more about the outstanding spa in North Sweden with breathtaking surroundings.

At Orbaden Conference and Spa you will enjoy beneficial relaxation and also discover interesting culture and fantastic nature. And the story goes far back in time. It all began in June 1926 when a man from the valley named Borgfeldt opened a bathing restaurant “located only seven hours’ journey from Stockholm”. In the beginning, there were cheap rooms for rent on nearby farms and in private homes.


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Orbaden Conference & Spa is located in Hälsingland, in the north part of Sweden, between high mountains and deep valleys near the Lake Ljusnan, which also has a lovely beach. This bucolic environment will make anyone’s heartbeat slow down and calm, even the most stressed of us.

The owner Helene Åkerström says that the mission of Orbaden Conference & Spa is to offer visitors a typical Scandinavian spa with bright colors, first class Scandinavian food prepared in its exclusive restaurant and the best food from Kerstin Florian. In 2019, an eco-field was created that supplies the restaurant with day-fresh vegetables. The field has also become an integration project that gives life and inspiration to both city and country.

Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Outstanding Surroundings
From one of the hotel suites

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The spa offers several spa-treatments for customers’ well-being and is equipped with a small thermal salt pool with water at a pleasant temperature of 35-36 degrees. The use of the pool is included in the daily rate of every room and apartment. The hotel also offers an amazing outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the breathtaking lake.

Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Breathtaking Surroundings
One of the nine themed suites

In 2016, there was a major investment in several pools, a spa shop, a new lobby with a conference hall and 9 themed suites. Customers staying at Orbaden Conference & Spa are assured that they never get bored. In the vicinity of the hotel, there are so many outdoor and indoor activities to do all year round that many guests feel they should have allowed more time for their stay at the hotel.

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Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Breathtaking Surroundings
The hotel also offers an amazing outdoor Jacuzzi

Visitors will be able to enjoy a concentrated bit of Sweden, with a focus on nature and typical Swedish culture, such as big farmhouses, handcrafts and, of course, the nearby famous Jarv Zoo hosting Nordic animals.

Outstanding Spa in North Sweden With Breathtaking Surroundings, written by Tor Kjolberg

All photos (c) Orbaden Conference and Spa


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