Picturesque Norway

Picturesque Norway

Last December the website WhereCoolThingsHappen published a picture story titled «27 Reasons Why You Must Visit Norway in 2015”.

“Wondering why you should visit Norway?” the editors asked. Norway is a once in a lifetime destination and probably one of the most stunning landscapes in the world,  truly spectacular nature with mountains plunging into the sea from hundreds of meters, fjords, tall mountain peaks, northern lights and midnight sun. So we’re putting Norway on our travel-list for 2015,” the publisher wrote. Today we want to share with you some images showing picturesque Norway.

Picturesque Norway
Bpuldering in Lofoten

Northern Light in Svolvaer (Source)
Crossing the Arctic Circle is only the first step on the long journey north. The North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point, remains a goal for many travelers to Arctic Norway.

Picturesque Norway
Lofoten islands

Reine in Lofoten (Source)

Picturesque Norway
Map of Lofoten islands

Odda (Source)
Nature is powerful in Norway, perhaps nowhere more so than in the Lofoten Islands, 123 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Picturesque Norway
From Lofoten

Reine in Lofoten (Source)
See map above

Picturesque Norway
Street in Røros. Photo: Eldnes Bussreiser

Roeros street (Source)
Leave it to the Scandinavians to know best how to brighten the darkest time of the year – after all, they’re pros! Roeros is a popular Christmas-destination.

Picturesque Norway
Troll’s tongue

Troll’s Tongue (Source)
British photographer brought a model to Trolltunga in Norway, a huge piece of rock that extends to a height of 0.8 kilometers off the ground.

Picturesque Norway
Northern lights in Lyngen

Renndolssatra (Source)
The Innerdalen valley has been called the most beautiful mountain valley in Norway. No vehicular traffic, the sound of waterfalls and lakes surrounded by majestic mountains – here you can truly find peace.

Picturesque Norway
Atlantic road. Photo: Glenn – HGSO

Green Smoke (Source)
As summer ebbs away, the gloom is relieved by the bewitching greens, purples, pinks and reds of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights

Picturesque Norway
Hurtigruten cruising a Norwegian fjord

Fredvang Bridges, Lofoten (Source)
The Fredvang Bridges (NorwegianFredvangbruene) are two cantilever bridges that connect the fishing village of Fredvang onMoskenesøya island with the neighboring island of Flakstadøya.

Picturesque Norway
From Ålesund. Photo: Wikipedia

Morning (Source)
Listen to “Morning” from Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg when watching this image and you’ll better understand the moods of Norway.

Picturesque Norway
From the tropical garden Flo og Fjære outside Stavanger

Geirangefjord (Source)
A great base for enjoying the Geirangerfjord area and neighboring Norangsfjord is the Union Hotel. It’s one of the old-time “fjord castles” so popular at the end of the 19th century.

Picturesque Norway
Lyseborn, Norway

Trollstigen (Troll’s Path) (Source)
the Trollstigen (Troll’s Path), which crosses one of Norway’s most desolate regions.

Picturesque Norway
Killer whales in Andenes, Lofoten. Photo: Jesper Anhede

Autumn in Lofoten (Source)
This 118-mile-long archipelago of small fishing communities set against a dramatic wall of towering snow-patched peaks – granite formations that date back several billion years – has drawn increasing numbers of mainlanders (and foreign artists) attracted to its seclusion, special light, bracing vair, and unpolluted waters.

Picturesque Norway
Whale safari in Lofoten

Hoyvika Beach on Andoya, Vesteraalen (Source)
A great way to experience Vesteraalen is going by the Hurtigruten (The Express Line)

Picturesque Norway
Steigen in Lofoten

Lofoten Islands (Source)
The world’s most stunning archipelago is waiting for you.

Picturesque Norway
Arctic Norway. Photo: Baard Løchen

Lyseveien (Source)
For a detailed description including maps and information etc buy the guidebook ‘Hiking in Sirdal’ which includes Kjerag and Sirdals Seven Summits.

Picturesque Norway
Kjærag, Norway. Photo: Terje Rakke

Senja (Source)
Discover the striking scenery of the outer coast of the Island of Senja in Northern Norway, which reaches out into the mighty Norwegian Sea.

Picturesque Norway
Kayaking in Geiranger fjord. Photo: Terje Rakke

Senja Sky Bridge (Source)

Picturesque Norway
Northern lights, Kautokeino. Photo: Terje Rakke

Vaeroy (Source)
On the small island of Værøy is surprising many walks.

Picturesque Norway
Lyngen Alps

Borgund Stave Church (Source)
Borgund Stave Church – the best-preserved stave church in Norway, dating back to 1180 – is found in Lærdal, as is Norsk Villakssenter (the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre).

Picturesque Norway
Borgund stave church

Ramberg (Source)
Situated on the outskirts of Lofoten, in the village Ramberg, you find us by a beautiful kilometre long sandy beach, with a panorama view towards the Arctic Ocean.

Picturesque Norway
Pulpit rock

The Pulpit (Source)
Norway’s famed high rocky plateau known as Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) has attracted a record number of visitors so far this year, up more than 20 percent over last year.

Picturesque Norway
Reine, Lofoten

Senja Islands (Source)

Picturesque Norway
Biking route, Lofoten islands

Atlantic Road (Source)
Stone, islets, islands and eight bridges spread over an equal number of kilometers. It’s just one of the dramatic roads in norway.

Torghatten (Source)
Experience a special walk through the mountain.

Picturesque Norway
Torghatten near Brønnøysund. Photo: Baard Løchen

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