Please Be Seated in Danish Furniture


Several retro design chair icons are brought back to life by the Danish furniture company Sika-Design.

With the utmost respect to the original designs, the company has put the chairs of Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and R.Wengler back into production.

These designers were all significant to the proud Danish design history with their experimenting and groundbreaking designs. Each in their own way, they performed magic with the sturdy, genius qualities of the beautiful natural material of rattan and wicker.

Ankjær Andreasen established Sika in 1940. The name comes from the Sika deer which is light and elegant. The company was established in Mossø, where during the war, there was growing unemployment and shortage of raw materials. The production was based on free raw materials, such as straw from the fields after harvest and reeds gathered from the marshes. After the war, there was also a production of baskets made from wicker in the state prison of Horsens.

In 1951 Sika Møbler moved to Fyn, and expanded the production of baskets, and a small production of furniture was started up. The biggest competitor in Denmark was, at the time, Horsnæs. They revolutionized the production of rattan furniture and created new methods of working with rattan. Ankjær Andreasen only worked with the best wicker makers and together they perfected the art of wicker working, focusing on what was to become Sika-Møblers design identity: Comfort, quality and design.

Nanna Ditzel graduated as a furniture designer in 1946 at Design School Copenhagen, in the age of just 23 years.

Before that she was educated as a cabinetmaker – a background that gave her a basic understanding of the furniture function prior to its design. Nanna Ditzel’s design was experimental and innovative at the same time.

Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel
Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel

Nanna Ditzel managed to become a successful woman in a very male-dominated time of Danish furniture design.

Here is her design chair Madame which she created together with Jørgen Ditzel. 121213_Ditzel_Madame

Furniture design with an organic flow that embrace the body smoothly and tenderly, is a delight to the eye as well solid and durable.

Inspired by a design competition held by the Danish wicker-maker guild in 1936, Viggo Boesen embarked on rattan furniture design combining modernist style with the hard wear qualities of the rattan material.

Viggo Boesen’s FOX lounge chair won the design competition in 1936. His inspiring, imaginative designs made him unique and put him among the designers of the “Danish golden age”. 121213_Sika_Fox

Wicker maker Robert Wengler was now known as the best wicker maker in Denmark and many architects came to his workshop to get know-how and understanding about weaving and wicker work. Among those were Danish architects Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen, Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel and Kay Bojesen. They had many of their prototypes made in R. Wenglers workshop in Copenhagen.

Today R. Wengler stands as one of the pioneers in Rattan production. What he did to the craftsmanship and the way he challenged the material, makes ground for the way we know rattan furniture today. Please be seated in Danish furniture.

Wengler dining chair
Wengler dining chair