Most popular hotels in Norway – according to Trivago


The search service Trivago presents the ten most popular hotels in Norway based on reviews from hotel guests. The ranking includes guest reviews on Trivago and booking pages that are integrated in

Trivago has set up a list of the 10 hotels in Norway boasting to have received the best guest reviews. The ranking is based on hotels with minimum 100 reviews and includes hotels from around the country. We emphasize that the hotels listed are not rated by Daily Scandinavian.

Thon Trondheim, Trondheim – Average Rating: 89.30

Are you looking for a charming atmosphere during your hotel stay, you will find Park Comfort in the heart of Trondheim along Nidelven by Bakke Bro. The hotel offers comfortable rooms, and the friendly service-minded staff will make you feel at home. In some rooms you can enjoy views over Nidelven.


Walaker, Solvorn – Average Rating: 89.30

Walaker Hotel has an idyllic location on the waterfront in the village Solvorn in Luster. The hotel has been passed down from generation to generation and is the oldest family-run hotel in Norway, with over 370 years of history. Enjoy a 4-course dinner in the restaurant or a glass of wine in their garden, surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Sognefjord. Related article.


Losby Gods Finstadjordet – Average Rating: 88.91

Losby Gods is one of the largest golf resorts, 20 minutes from Oslo city center. The hotel offers 70 rooms and a wide range of activities, outside as well as inside. The hotel has been awarded Norwegian Heritage Olavsrosa. In the restaurant you can enjoy fine dining at one of their four rooms decorated in manor style.


Rica Park Hotel Stavanger – Average Rating: 88.67

Rica Park Stavanger Hotel is ideally located close to the bus and train station and a few minutes’ walk from the center of Stavanger. The rooms are spacious and suitable for business travelers, families and weekend visits. The hotel offers a tasty breakfast composed in collaboration with the Olympic top team, which can be enjoyed on weekends until 11 o’clock.


Rica Rock City Namsos – Average Rating: 88.51

Rica Rock City is the only rock hotel where the concept actually  is based on Troender rock history. The hotel is adjacent to Rock City – a resource for pop and rock. The hotel interior reflects the genre, and is located on the seafront. The eco-friendly hotel is linked to Rock City through a glass corridor.  Exterior photo see feature image on top.


Solstrand, Os – Average Rating: 88.45

In the beautiful fjord scenery outside Bergen at Solstrand Bad & Hotel you can easily relax in a quiet and warm atmosphere. Their outdoor pool gives you the opportunity to enjoy birdsong, clear sea air and endless views of the fjord and mountains. You can also enjoy their spa for proper relaxation or explore the restaurant, offering local dishes and a taste of the coast.


Herangtunet, Øystre Slidre – Average Rating: 88.35

Close to the ski areas Beitostølen and Jotunheimen, three-hour drive from Oslo, you will find Herangtunet boutique hotel Norway. Herangtunet is a historic village square located on a hill in the woods. The hotel is built in traditional Valdres-style with rooms featuring a unique interior. The same applies to their restaurant where the floor is made of old Dutch cheese shelves.


Rica Nidelven, Trondheim – Average Rating: 88.29

Rica Nidelven is built on pillars 17 meters out into the river Nidelven and offers a great view of the river. If you choose to stay here you will almost certainly get a good start, as it is known to have Norway’s best breakfast. Need a break during the day, you can sit down in their river wing and enjoy a good cup of coffee enjoying the sights of the surroundings.


Saga Hotel Oslo – Average Rating: 87.85

Saga Hotel can be found behind the Royal Palace in Oslo. The hotel, which dates from the late 1800s, has recently been restored and modernized but retains its beautiful and traditional architecture. At Saga Hotel, you can bring your refreshments from the lobby bar into their chill-out lounge with fireplace.


Rica Airport Stavanger – Average Rating: 87.73

Right at the arrival hall of the airport you will find Rica Airport Hotel Stavanger. The hotel is not only convenient for airborne visitors, but also offers a variety of activities with its close location to Solastranden, Sola Golf Club and the Aviation Culture House. Rica Airport Hotel is also famous for its delicious breakfast.