Prestigious Prize to Danish Roof House


ROOF HOUSE was rewarded the Fredensborg Municipality Architecture Prize 2015. The Jury claims, “The Roof House is an example of how the close collaboration between client and architect can create outstanding architecture.”

Roof House is a project that completely transformed an existing villa beautifully situated on a large site filled with trees in Fredensborg, Denmark.

“A simple and precise transformation of the existing 60s single family house into a well-performing contemporary home  is a great inspirations to others, said the jury-”

“The project would never have been realized without the hard work and great confidence in our design and ideas from the owners of the house. We are really happy and proud to receive the prize with them,” states the architects Uffe Leth and Karsten Gori at the architect firm Leth & Gori.

The existing house is occupied by a family with three children and the specific needs of the family formed the basis of the project. Planning restrictions on the site called for a careful and minimal approach and this lead to the idea of extending the house upwards by adding a series of roof buildings. This way the project adds a new bedroom and a workspace as well as skylights and sleeping platforms for all the children’s bedrooms. In addition the project includes redesign of the facade making it more energy efficient and adding new and larger openings. The roof construction and skylights is wrapped in asphalt roll roofing.

The new roof opens up the house towards the tree tops and the sky. The changing light filtered through the branches.

Prestigious Prize to Danish Roof House, written by Admin.