Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company

Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company

Famous Danish architects like Juhl, Karpf, Kjærholm, Vedel and Utzon put Denmark on the designers’ world map in the 1950s and 1960s. The Danish designer company Architectmade promotes high-quality rare and timeless hand-crafted design products by famous Danish masters.

Architectmade scours archives, drawings and museums to reveal what makes for mastery and to search for objects from Denmark’s leading architects. In collaboration with some of Denmark’s most prominent designers and architects the company then produces exclusively selected design objects from the golden age of Danish design.


Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company
Circle bowl, by Finn Juhl (Architectmade)

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Simple and sophisticated aesthetics
Danish architects are known for their simple and sophisticated aesthetics in buildings as well as furniture. “Architectmade is more than a collection. It’s a philosophy,” says Morten Jensen, owner of Architectmade.

Architectmade products are designed to share, for generations to come. The company has managed to find unique design objects that were created many years ago but have since been forgotten. The products have been given a new lease of life and can boast the title ‘design classics’. Examples are Kristian Vedel’s family of birds from 1959 and Finn Juhl’s Circle Bowl from 1954.

Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company
Birds group by Kristian Vedel (Architectmade).

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Architect-precision and personal vision
Each Architectmade object is designed with architect-precision and personal vision that comes from the heart, reflecting the individual values, beliefs and ways of life of some of the greatest Danish architects of our time. All objects are made by hand from durable and carefully selected materials.

Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company
Rufus Dog by Hans Bølliong (Architectmade)

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Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company
“The Danish architects created amazing products. Testament to their elegant simplicity and refined craftsmanship, they’ve become icons, standing the test of time and serving as reminder that in today’s trending world, quality is still timeless,” says Morten Jensen.

Architectmade performs strict quality controls to ensure no product is sold without being seen first.

Feature image (on top): Child’s chair by Architectmade

Rare Design Objects from Danish Designer Company, written by Tor Kjolberg

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