Reasonable Cabin Luxury for Rent in Oslo


Do like some natives and rent an affordable cabin just outside the capital of Norway. Kystled Oslofjord (Oslo Fjord Coastline) is renting out overnight stays at cabins and houses, which no longer are in its original use.

Are you adventurous? Do you want to experience the Oslo fjord like a native? Here is your detailed guide to book a suitable cabin:

First step is to find out what kind of cabin you want. The overview pages are divided into three areas, but we recommend the Inner  Oslofjord, which goes from  the border between Frogn and Vestby, with Nesodden, Bunnefjorden and Oslo to Hurum, at the southern coast.


When you click on the different areas you can either choose to use the maps, or use the menu to the left if you know the cabin names. On cabin sides can find most of what you need to know about the cottages, as well as maps and photos. Our tip: Take a look at more cabins than your favorite, so you have some options if your favorite should be occupied.

Grandmother's cabin
Grandmother’s cabin

Searching for vacant cabin / start ordering
When you have decided which cottage you want to book, or want to see if the cottage is vacant, click on one of the yellow BOOKING buttons on the cabin page.  Here you select either the booking for members (Booking OF-medlem) or non-members (Booking ikke-medlem). Are you a member and logged in, you will be offered a member price.

At Langøyene (Long Islands)
At Langøyene (Long Islands)

In the next window you will find this table:

You refine your search by entering dates, click inner fjord and all, and minimum beds. Then  you may have the following result (names and dates of vacant cottages).

To get a member price, you must be a registered member of OF and log in by using your membership number. Are you not a member, you can choose to apply for membership when booking – then you’ll also get membership price for your reservation.

Mule Varde at Porsgrunn
Mule Varde at Porsgrunn

Decide on the dates and the cabin. If you have not specified cabin name or area, you will have an overview like the one above, where you can see which cottages are available.
Click on the cabin name and you’ll have more information about the cabin (unfortunately in Norwegian only). If the date field is blank, the cottage is not available. Once you have decided on the cottage and when you want to start your stay – click on the desired day of arrival at the current cabin.
If the date field is blank, the cabin is not available.

Most of the cabins can be rented for up to three days, if not stated otherwise. When you book a cabin it is important that you check that you have entered the right number of nights and correct dates.  For example, if you book the cottage “for the weekend”, with arrival Friday and leave on  Sunday, you book the two dates Friday and Saturday. If you want to leave on Monday, book for Sunday too. You usually disposes cottage from 4 pm at the day of arrival until 2 pm the day you’re leaving, unless otherwise described in the information on each cabin.

At some of the accommodation it is possible to rent rooms or parts of the cabin.

At the payment page you must provide biographical data and check your reservation. If you are a non member of OF, you have here the opportunity to register and get a member price. If you choose to enroll as such, you will only be able to pay by card – not be invoiced. You have otherwise two payment choices; either by credit card or being invoiced. If you choose to pay by credit card, be sure to have your bank-id available before proceeding. If you select invoice, there will be an additional invoice fee of NOK 100 (US$ 13)

Be sure to read information about terms and conditions. There are e. g. cancellation conditions. When you have read the terms and checked your order, print the reservation page shown on your screen.  You will also receive a receipt / confirmation email. In the email you receive important information about the cottage you have booked.

We wish you a pleasant journey and fjord adventure!

Reasonable Cabin Luxury for Rent in Oslo, written by Tor Kjolberg